Brand New Day . . .

So, Dan has spent the past two days looking for work. The ground he’s covered is impressive. His attitude is still good. NO ONE IS HIRING. The one place that needed someone (after Dan helped them unload the morning truck of stuff) promised him the job and then asked his age. That company only hires people over the age of 18. He’s headed out tomorrow, though. How crazy is it that Mc’D’s and BK are telling him they’re already “overstaffed?” At least he’s trying, right? I keep encouraging him.

For now, I’m placated. He’s taking the looking for work thing seriously. I, the ultimate optimist, don’t see things improving in the near future. I’ve told the kids that if they can get an apprentice-ship to a real skill, we’ll count it as a job. Dan hit three mechanics today and no go. Two already have apprentices and the other said they’ll be going out of business within the next week or two. Dan’s been to 19 places in two days – not one job.

There’s CHANGE you can believe in, huh? Our new president is like George Bush on some kind of super-speed drug.

I hope you’re all reading about Cap/Tax. If you’re not, you should be! You will have to have a federal agency come in and check your house and mandate the upgrades YOU have to make before you sell. Have you checked your light bulbs lately, those are also under scrutiny. What are you driving? Does it meet federal standards? Need a new roof? Make sure it’s reflective. Anything else you’re worried about, it’s ok – it’s covered under the sections of 1200++ pages and marked “bookmarked.” When the bill passes, our dear leaders will tell us what should go into those sections and how we should have to pay for it. AFTER the bill has passed. Call your representatives!

I know I sound crazy. But these are crazy times. Skip the Michael Jackson and the rest of it for a few minutes and pay attention to what is happening.

Tomorrow: pictures of my beautiful laundry-area mural . . .

3 thoughts on “Brand New Day . . .

  1. I will be calling and emailing about the cap and trade. It will affect energy prices. Everything we buy/need is touched by transportation which is run by…you guessed it, energy!

  2. Good roof-check
    Energy eff. apps-check
    Better bulbs-check

    Looks like I'm all ready, now back to MJ

  3. Why would you need a reflective roof in VT where it is in the 60's in July???? 55 on the evening of the 4th! aaaakkkk..I am going to freeze to death. At least if there was snow on the ground we could ski.

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