Another reason to love Andy

Poor Andy. I’ve been playing pantry Bingo for the past week in an effort to avoid big grocery shopping. Well, yesterday, after trying to convince the kids that saltines and salsa was a good breakfast, I caved.

Anymore, grocery shopping is a big flipping deal here in my constant effort to feed us well and cheaply. So we started at our grocery discount store. You never know what you’ll find there, but it’s always worth checking out. I found some great deals on cereal (huge treat here), ground meat, green peppers and eggs. I spent $114 on 5 large boxes of cereal (Raisin Bran, Cocoa Puffs, Corn Flakes, Mini-Wheats and Chex), 20 lbs of ground meat, 3 dozen eggs, 5 loaves of frozen garlic bread, a giant bag of french fries, and most of the canned goods we’ll need for the next two months. And, don’t forget the 2-2 lb bags of M&M’s @ $1.50 each. Not bad. Andy come out with a bottle of root beer and was ready to face Aldi’s.

Aldi’s is weird. I didn’t get a whole lot there: a dozen bagels, 10 lbs of potato’s, chips for the 4th of July party, two large frozen chickens, ice cream, ziploc bags, tortillas, onions, sour cream, 3 gallons of milk, crystal light, sliced cheese (3 kinds), cream cheese (2 lbs), graham crackers, 3 lbs of butter, 4 lbs of mahi-mahi (steak of the ocean, according to Andy, my fellow-carnivore) and soda for the 4th – $136.00.

Today, we headed to Costco. Ouch. I bought a lot of meat (pork loin, Italian sausage, fryer chicken, split chicken breasts and stew beef), laundry detergent, soy milk, almonds, shampoo, coffee, paper towels, toilet paper, meatballs, paper cups (yes, I am a threat to the planet, sue me), bread crumbs, dog food, 25 lbs of rice, 50 lbs of flour, 25 lbs of sugar, beer for the party on the 4th, craisins, raisins, conditioner, apples, bananas, oreos and chips ahoy. $398.

Because I just bought so much food – I have pretty much guaranteed that Orlando will be directly hit by a hurricane in the next week causing everyone to lose power and all their food. If we don’t get get a hurricane, I should be able to avoid the grocery stores (minus trips to the bread and produce stores) for about six weeks.

But, why do I love Andy? He’s young enough to do what the rest of us just think about. He actually stood up to a crazy old lady who tried to cut in front of him at the sample table to grab the last chocolate-covered cream puff. Why do free samples make people insane? She actually used her cart to try to shove Andy out of the way. He ducked right under saggy old arm and snagged the very last chocolate-covered cream puff and licked it really fast – looking right at the old bag. Having three older brothers does pay off sometimes! As a rule, I don’t encourage my kids to steal food from old people, no matter how obnoxious they are, but this was a chocolate-covered cream puff and that removes all the regular rules. I’m so proud of my little shopper.

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