I really need a life

For the past several nights, I’ve been working late painting my laundry area in the garage. When we first moved in, I painted it blue with some clouds. Pretty lame, but it was cheerier than garage walls. It was fine.

But . . . like most of my projects, this one started innocently enough. I was getting stuff out of my donation box by the dryer for the truck picking stuff up in the morning. I didn’t feel like going back into the house because it was loud in there and I was enjoying the rain and listening to Pillars of the Earth on my new I-Pod. I decided to clean – really clean the whole area. As I was cleaning and tossing, I noticed the monstrous surplus of paint we had on the other side of the garage. I DO love paint. At first, I was just going to paint it all yellow.

As you can see, I got a little carried away. I wish my artistic skills matched my enthusiasm, but it makes me happy. And, as much time as I spend doing laundry, being happy out there helps. I have one more wall to finish up tonight. The last wall is red with lattice and vines and flowers. Very tropical. The lattice idea came from the vines in the front of the house. Those vines hold morning glories and moon flowers – so there are always flowers out there.

Once I’m done with this, I’m not sure what to do next. I’m sure it will come to me. Consider yourself warned . . .

6 thoughts on “I really need a life

  1. I think it's adorable. And that you should come over to my house. I'll feed you chocolate and you can paint.

  2. I personally like the whimsical flower paint treatment.I like bright colors,anything to help with the chore of laundry.Looks good.

  3. Wow, so cool!

    Btw, I listened to Follet's “World Without End.” It was LONG (36 or 39 discs, I can't remember) but it was fantastic. The man can tell a tale. I was yelling, groaning, sighing, at my car cd player a lot.

  4. When you are done at Ami. Mentals house want to fly to mine… Well, after I find one! I will feed you sushi and chocolate!!!!

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