Cool Neighbors!

We have the best neighbors – all around us. (OK, maybe not the grumpy lady that called the police last night, but that’s a different post.) If you’re sitting in our house, to our left, we have a young couple that both have totally fun jobs. One does events (and a LOT of other things) for a couple of local radio stations and the other is a photographer for the local newspaper. They have both been beyond generous with their time and talent and showing the boys what things are like in their jobs.

This week, the “radio” neighbor offered Tim (our budding photographer/film maker) a chance to work as a “runner” for their Red-Hot-and-Boom event. His job was to literally run photo cards, equipment, messages, whatever, from the stage in the middle of the lake to the “home tent.” Tim was so excited the night before. He worked his butt off all day and night. In return, he got to meet all the bands, see first-hand how photography, the internet and technology in general translates into real jobs. He came home exhausted and excited. His heels were actually bleeding (yeah, mom, I heard when you said to wear socks . . .) . . . but he was so full of energy and ideas. It was nearly 1:30 when he came home and he was wired and exhausted at the same time. I don’t think he’s fully down yet and this was Friday night.

I’ll ask him in the morning, but here are some pictures of Tim with people that are in bands that people want to listen to – the crowd was HUGE. I know one of the bands has “Kings” in the name because I got all excited when Tim told me about it – I thought he was saying “Kinks.” I’m so old.

Hello, neighbors! Thank you for being so awesome – you have no idea how much it means. Now, enjoy Tim and semi-famous people. Isn’t Tim cute? (Don’t tell him I said that.)

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