Happy Belated Fourth of July!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Did anyone go to a local Tea Party? I feel like a slacker, we didn’t get to one of ours. I love having people here and we do it twice a year usually – New Year’s Eve and July 4th. Yesterday was no exception. I love getting everyone together and eating and talking and comparing how short we all are getting in comparison to our kids.

As always, the food was amazing. German Potato salad, bbq’d pulled pork with cute litte rolls, wee pickles wrapped with cream cheese and salami (you NEED this), a variety of wings, a stack of homemade White Castle burgers, meatballs and garlic bread, little hot dogs, amazing cucumbers, brownies, cherry pie and gooey brownies. Did I mention the potato salad? Breakfast of champions, I promise.

We had a great group of people here. I love how everyone was so supportive of Ian’s 3rd annual magic show. His stage was very Gilligan’s island, but his stage presence has changed dramatically! I was so proud of him last night. AND, if Ian loves me he and Tim will get that video up on YouTube soon. I think you all might enjoy it. We told him that if he could handle the 12 and under hecklers/show-stealers he’s ready for Vegas.

It was, overall, a great night. We’ll ignore our off/on neighbor (she loves us and hates us) who called the police on the legal fireworks the kids were setting off (under adult supervision). The poor 12-year-old policeman that visited our house. He was doing his job. But, while he was doing his job, every street around us was going up in smoke like a war zone. And, I should add, all of this was going on before 10 pm. Even the most fireworks hating person on the planet can’t really complain about this.

Anyway, it was a fun night and I’m glad to live where I do.

3 thoughts on “Happy Belated Fourth of July!

  1. Claire, he came up and examined our fireworks and confirmed that they were legal but explained he had to investigate the complaint as it contained a specific address. He came back for the same reason – we were all in the house the second time he came … Rules – I love them and hate them at the same time. I wish people were allowed to apply common sense in their work.

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