More Random

Has anyone seen the hearing aid commercial with Lee Majors? How is it possible that he’s 1000 years old?

Michael Jackson is going to be buried without his brain? GAH!!!! Why do I know that? Do I need to know this?

We had a rotten start to the week. My beloved 1999 Suburban (see how pretty it was new? It’s still that pretty in my mind’s eye) acted up over the weekend. I let the towing thing on our insurance lapse so, with the towing bill and the repair bill we spent pretty much everything . . . we only need 2-3 more years out of the ‘Burb. I hope the new fuel pump will get us there. In the meantime, send beans and rice and/or something to help me sleep.

I’m not sure what the rest of the week holds – usually I have a plan, but, this week, I don’t. And, my first inclination is to hibernate on the couch watching really bad television. Anyone want to join me? Anyone want to talk me out from under the quilt?

5 thoughts on “More Random

  1. I DID just see that commercial with Lee Majors, my first crush! Doesn't he look a little like Billy Graham now? I never had a crush on Billy Graham.

  2. I haven't seen the hearing aid commercial, but I saw Lee Majors on something recently.. can't remember what. I totally did not recognize him. Had they not helpfully put 'Lee Majors' in white letters across the bottom of the screen, I still wouldn't have a clue who it was.

    You need to buy a van. You can park it next to mine, down by the river.

    I said about three years ago that I only had to keep the Expedition going another year or two. I'm still saying it. But hoping for five.

  3. Our cars are paid for so we just keep eeeking them along. We can't afford another car, new or used, so these have to last a while. Hubby and I were just commenting to each other last night that we do not want to have to go back to blue box mac and cheese with hot dogs as our staple foods.

  4. Thankfully our cars are paid off and not all that old, but Lord help us if something happens! We just had to put new tires on Hubby's truck and some other maintenance and I'm trying to decide which kidney I would rather part with! I don't know what we'll do when we need to buy a new car. I guess I will have to pick up some part time work…if there's any to be had at that point. In the meantime I'll pray that things work out for you šŸ™‚

  5. Ami!!!! I love you – a van by the river! I'll be laughing all night. one of the best sketches ever.

    Deana – I know you lust in your heart for Billy Graham. And thanks for stomping on the last of my hopes of salvaging my Lee Majors memories.

    Karen – I am so with you -but we can go much further down the food chain!

    Erin – we can trade prayers on the used cars.

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