The more things change . . .

circa 1996


Isn’t that hysterical? Danny remembered the old picture, so I got them to pose for a new one. The boys have worked SO hard getting “my” garden ready. They dug out the topsoil, down 6 inches. They loaded the truck with manure (thank you equestrian center!). They then refilled the plot with a manure, compost dirt mixture.

I’m so excited to get going on this garden. Except for the part about it being hot. And the part that Mike thinks the neighbors might think I’m weird if I set up lights and do most of the work at night. Maybe I’ll just get a big hat?


6 thoughts on “The more things change . . .

  1. Love the pictures.

    One of my friends finally realized her neighbor was on meth when he started mowing his lawn at night. He rigged up a big flashlight with duct tape on the front of the mower… lawnmower with a headlight. And mowed at 3:00 AM.

    I think your hat, coupled with getting up REALLY EARLY is a good idea.

  2. If you have any relatives left in PA, maybe some one could send you a miner's headlamp and some carbide. (Just hide the carbide from the boys.)

  3. And the only reason why Mike is taller than the three older boys in that second picture is because he is standing on a hill of dirt. Cute pictures.

  4. Ami – no meth here. The only way I get up really early is if I stay up all night. I'll figure it out!

    Deana -yes, it's a weird Florida thing. It's too hot once you're into May or June to grow much of anything. If we plant in August we should have stuff throughout the fall and into the winter. (And, homeschooling is weird everywhere!)

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