Happy Monday . . .

Busy weekend here – mundane, but busy. For a few more hours, my laundry is DONE, the cupboards are sorted and cleaned out and the kitchen is nearly spotless. I have to say I love my I-pod. I have no songs on it yet, but I love the book on tape option. Pillars of the Earth was so enjoyable while I painted the laundry area. I’m about 1/2-way through my first Librivox recording and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I’m listening to The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.

I started this book a few months ago and got distracted. I love being able to listen to it while I get the stoopid stuff I have to do done. If you’ve never read the The Woman in White or The Moonstone AND if you like books like Jane Eyre or Rebecca or even Agatha Christie, check these books out. The style is very Bronte/Austen, but once you’re into it, they’re intriguing and surprisingly funny books.

Librivox is free. The readers are volunteers. They’re good — they’re not professionals and they’re recording from their homes. It’s a jolt coming from my love-affair with Jim Dale (reads the Harry Potter books) but, I have to say they do a great job. So far into this book, I’ve heard a man with a beautiful British accent, a man with a beautiful British accent that makes me think about what a walrus would sound like if he could talk, two women with American accents and, most surprisingly, a woman with a distinct Slavic accent. As I listen to each volunteer reader, I can’t help but try to picture them and where they’re reading and thinking how cool it is that they would take the time to do this. I don’t have a nice reading voice. I’m going to have to find another way to be useful to this group. I’m only on my first book, but if you haven’t tried Librivox.org out, give it a shot!

This afternoon I purchased 8 tickets for the 12:10 am showing of the new Harry Potter movie. We’re going late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning (depending on your own personal body-clock). My sister is driving down from North Carolina with my oldest nephew to join us. I’m so excited. It’ll be me, Dan, Tim, Ian, Andy, Jamie (nephew), Lynne (sister), Bing (my mom) and me. How fun is that? You all know I’m a late-night person. My mom used to be a late-night person and can still dig that out when it’s important. My sons are late-night people. My sister and my nephew, not so much. They’re planning on serious afternoon naps to see them through the night. For me and the kids, it is SO rare for us to go to a first-showing of anything, but Harry Potter is a tradition. We’re splurging. Mike thinks we’re all crazy, but he goes along with it all. We should be coming home around the time Mike is getting up to start his day. I married an amazing man! (Wonder if he’ll make us breakfast before we head off to bed? Muhahaha.)

Did I mention the laundry is all done? I so love when the planets align and this happens. It’s rare, but it’s a beautiful thing. The boys have a friend spending the night. I’m killing time until they settle down. Dammit. Remember when you were 15-16 and everything – I mean every SINGLE thing – was funny. That’s where they are now. At some point they have to pass out. In the meantime, I’ve been listening to my book and making granola and chocolate/pumpkin muffins. Mmmmm…..

Time to clean the kitchen . . . things are getting quieter and quieter here . . .

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday . . .

  1. OH, take me with you!! PLEASE. We can't wait to see the new Potter. I saw my new laundry room today and it's pristine and clean. Wonder how long that will last?

  2. Oh Sabrina, I would LOVE it if you all were here and could come with us. The new laundry room? It'll be clean and shiny until you move in. Sorry. (The new house looks great, btw!)

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