Homeschool conundrum . . .

I hope I spelled conundrum right – it’s a great word and I don’t want to mis-use it. What to do? Dan, Tim and Ian are fourteen months apart. When you’re a grown up person, this doesn’t mean much. I have lumped them together for “the big subjects” since they were 7-8. Now, what do I do? Dan is technically a year ahead in language, history, grammar/English and writing. BUT …. buh…buh… Tim and Ian have done the same work right along. Now what? Do I bump them up a grade or do I design a whole new program?

Dan, if I can get my act together will be attending the local community college for the advanced stuff he wants to pursue. Ian and Tim will follow suit. But I’m struggling with what to do with Ian and Tim next year. Dan is officially done with his language requirement and is hoping to pursue a modern language. Ian and Tim have done the exact same thing as Dan has, they’re just a year younger. Do they get credit too? Same with history. And literature.

I want to say I’m raising intellectuals, but I don’t think I am. Each boy has their own interests an they’re not about ancient texts, Latin or literature. And, that’s fine with me. I’m just not sure where to go next. I feel like they all have a pretty good foundation … For history/literature, I’m kind of leaning to a US study with lots of reading. If nothing else, I want them to understand the foundation of this country. I want them to understand the importance of their rights and the power they potentially hold over who is leading the country.

Thoughts? Ideas? When you were 15-16-17 what would have intersted you (aside from the cool stuff)?

2 thoughts on “Homeschool conundrum . . .

  1. Amy, give me a call or e-mail. I have some experience with advising! 🙂 If you would like to get together, with your kids as well, I can help you figure out the most cost effective way to get the most college for the kids. Oh and I know a little about high school advising as well.

  2. First I'm a history geek so I took those courses. Second I loved science too. So here are those highlights!

    At 15 I did Advanced Biology complete with two dissections, a world religions (PS version) course.

    At 16 I did a years worth of Chemistry with a lab component and a year of American History.

    AT 17 I did a years worth of physics and government I & II then I turned 18 and graduated a week and a half later. Yay for the May baby.

    Does that help? I was on a college prep track so most of my courses weren't “fun” but I enjoyed them since I was a bit of a geek. In college I took a modern world literature class that was fantastic and that I plan to duplicate for my kids when they are “seniors” I still have the book list if you want it.

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