Our little eight-some trekked out tonight to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It’s a strange thing to head out at 11 pm on a Tuesday night for us. But, we didn’t feel quite so weird when we arrived at the packed theater. Andy and his cousin Jamie were bouncing off the walls with excitement. The older boys were a bit more restrained, but not by much. Fortified by my evening nap, I was pretty wound up myself. The boys found seats for all of us. Funny how the “only” seats they could find for my mom, my sister and me were on the complete opposite side of the theater.

The 12:10 showing was sold-out. It’s fun to go to a packed theater – especially with a bunch of fellow Harry Potter nerds. The Rollins-College-contingent did not disappoint. There were some great costumes wandering around. While the boys were staking claims to seats, we adults got in line for popcorn. My sister ordered three large buckets of popcorn. The guy behind the counter looked at the three of us, clearly related and of normal size, and pulled out a large bucket to show my sister the size. It took a minute before we realized he thought we were each getting our own bucket. (Which, I would gladly do – but he doesn’t have to know that!)

We got to our seats and waited – it was still only 11:30 and the theater was full. People are funny. Some were running around taking pictures – you know, the ones who remembered to bring their cameras? The group of girls next to us were sitting on the floor (yes!!! SITTING on a theater floor – blech) playing cards. I saw several people flipping through copies of the book. We stuck to our plan of planting our butts in our seats and eating.

Corn in its many variations is a strange food. It brings out the messiest side of people, but for some reason, it’s generally consumed in a group setting. Corn on the cob comes to mind with popcorn being a close second. Unless you are on a first date, you discover people with normally dignified manners are really pigs just like you! By the time the movie started, all three of us had popcorn on and in our shirts and we were very happy. You know it’s been a good movie experience when you come home with popcorn flakes stuck in the “v” of your bra. (Unless you’re a guy – that would mean you had a very weird movie experience and we don’t want to talk about that here.)

Unfortunately, once the movie started, I realized that my seat was directly behind a short wall thing that cut out the bottom right corner of the screen. Gah! I ended up sitting on the arm of my seat for most of the movie because there were no other seats save the one next to mine which was even further behind the wall. I like to think my balancing skills were extra-highlighted as I stretched and reached for more popcorn and candy. I did not tip over even once. The trick is to keep your front foot firmly planted on the front of the seat and not to put weight on your back foot which will cause the seat bottom to flip up suddenly potentially ending up with you splayed on the nasty floor of the theater.

I won’t ruin the movie for those of you who chose to sleep last night. I will say I think it’s my favorite of the Harry Potter movies. Like all the movies, there are parts from the book that were not in the movie and that’s always disappointing – I’d happily watch an 8-hour Harry Potter movie, but most people are normal and have lives that prevent them doing this. There were some really funny, funny scenes. I think part of what I love about these movies is that my older kids have always been the same ages as the movie characters are and it’s all so familiar.

I’ll give Emma Watson a lot of credit – I thought her performance in this film was 1000 times better than in any of the other movies. :::sniff::: She’s all growed-up. And the actor who plays Draco Malfoy was heartbreakingly good. Daniel Ratcliffe just gets better and better. Who knew he was funny?

There are some intense scenes (sorry about that bruise you probably have on your shoulder, Mom) and some touching scenes that weren’t overdone. I don’t know much about special effects, but Tim assured me that they were as good as I thought they were.

Andy (9) and his cousin, Jamie (11) are both very familiar with the Harry Potter books and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I think it helped that they knew what was coming in some places. I don’t think I would take a child younger than 10 who was unfamiliar with the books. I think a lot of the plot would be lost on them and there’s a good chance they would flip out in a couple of places. But, that’s just me.

I’m hoping to go see the movie again SOON. I liked it that much. Let me know if you see it – I’d love to hear what you think.

Now, I have just fifteen minutes to wait until Mike is up to start his day and I can go to bed. We got home around 3:30, but it seemed mean to crawl into bed, wound up as I was, and potentially wake him up 90 minutes earlier than he has to be moving. Who am I kidding? If I had gone into our bedroom, I would totally have poked at Mike until he woke up so I could talk to someone about the movie. So, here I sit . . .

6 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. We won't get it here until next week. I will stand in line for tickets all day if I have to.. (You know for the kids)!

    We always go see them at least 3 times. Our ticket price is only $2 each.. So I think even thought we are STILL not getting paid I can afford it..

    I'm glad you all had a great time.

  2. I'm still debating. I think what will happen is that I'll end up waiting for the DVD.

    I mean, it's not like I don't know how the story ends.

    I have really developed an aversion to movie theaters and rude people. And where do you find the rudest people in town? At the movie theater.

  3. I have been hearing so many negatives about the movie, that I am finally glad to hear a positive. I really liked it. There have been people saying it was disjointed, plodded along, was boring, etc. To them I say “Did you read the book?” Book 6 and book 2 are tied for my least favorite book. I called it “filler” or “set-up” for book 7. Just a bunch of kids smootching and being hormonal. Dumbledore's death and the whole Draco/Snape/Dumbledore thing was really the only thing of import for me.

    with that being said, they did a fantastic job bringing a 600+ page book to the screen and making me LAUGH out loud. I LOVED “Sir, after 6 years, I pretty much just go with it.” There were so many funny scenes. Draco was fantastic. He was SO torn. I agree that Emma did a much better job too.

    I too would love to see it again. So, when are we going? I will bring in my monster purse with chocolates, milk duds, etc.

  4. We saw it today and thought it was Really good. I wished they could have gotten in the bit about the muggle PM in the beginning, and I thought they Should have had the Order & students fighting the Deatheaters at the end, but as you say, they can't get all the good stuff into a movie that your average movie goer would enjoy. Our theatre was less than 1/4 full at 10:00 in the morning (my calculations were correct!), which was lovely. Now we can hardly wait for the next one!

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