AT&T Wins

We have been having weird internet issues over the past few days. Our virus … etc protection is good. The history is good – the kids have not been to anyplace bizarro over the past 60-90 days. It’s AT&T. And, as I was going through my AT&T notes, yes, I keep notes, it’s interesting that I have to call them for help every single six months. Why? And, I have such an aversion to dealing with AT&T that I’ve opted to PAY (you read that right) Danny to deal with them tomorrow. He’s polite, he has an aptitude for languages and he’s broke. Who better to mess with it? Everyone wish Dan luck tomorrow.

In the meantime, it’s Laundry 30/Amy 40. That’s right! I’m winning the laundry war right now. It won’t last, but you have to bask in the triumphs tossed your way, right? Do you see that stack of beautifully clean towels? The dryer is finishing and as soon as that last load goes into the dryer, I’m done. For tomorrow, anyway. Go ahead, get out your pom-poms and “SHOUT” “ALL” “CHEER” for this turn of the “TIDE.” 😉

3 thoughts on “AT&T Wins

  1. And oh yeah, can I hire Dan to handle my customer service nightmares as well? Because, seriously? Worth every dime to have someone else deal with it.

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