The space shuttle has contained the broken toilet. I, for one, am relieved!

And, since we’re on the subject of potty-ness … am I alone in detesting the commercials about “old” guys issues? Seriously? I would die before I filled a prescription for something call Flo-Max. Ummm … do I need to know about this? Do I really need to watch TV and talk to my kids about erectile dysfunction? Even though I’m edging into this age-group, I don’t want to see “beautiful” old people thinking about having old-people sex. I’m not opposed to old-people sex, I just don’t want to watch people contemplating it. EVER.

I think there’s a reason our eyes fail as we get older. I know when I hop out of the shower every morning, I look awesome – until I put my glasses on. This works equally well when I look at Mike. And, I’m married to a “hot” old guy. (As I’m typing this, there is a Low T commercial on – gah – I don’t want to think about anyone’s low testosterone!)

I’m thinking men are more likely to buy the newest, latest thing, be it electronics or nether-region remedies. The advertising must work or they wouldn’t keep showing it. But, YUCK. I won’t even start on the commercials boasting about size and performance. Really? It makes me want to just disconnect the television all together. You can imagine what I have to listen to in a house with five “men” living here. Life can get gross in my world. Someone come save me.

2 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. But isn't there a part of you that wonders if those enlargement meds work?


    WHICH PART?????

    And from the can't-make-this-up department, my word verification is “arect”

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