Yup … it’s about time to start school again . . .

Free from nagging vacation plans and extra money … we are becoming increasingly bored here. Well, some of us are. Tim, our HUGE extrovert – which is funny because he’s not that extroverted – has plenty of movie-making plans and local friends to entertain him. Dan, who continues to seek work and is getting some neighborhood jobs, is antsy. Ian is Ian. He’s always working on a new magic trick or something. Andy is restless as all get out. Most of his friends aren’t home until after 4 and he doesn’t find me or his brothers all that interesting. He’s been reading a lot, but he’s 9, there’s only so much I can expect. This happens every year and every year it’s my signal to get off my butt and figure out the school year. I think we’ll kick things off on August 3. It’s early, yes, but it’s nice to take extra time off during the year. Plus, Florida in August? It’s too hot to do almost anything.

Tomorrow, however, it’s Friday. I think we’ll hit the beach tomorrow. Dan is off to a day-long concert thing with some friends. He has his escape but Tim, Ian, Andy and I are also dying to get out of the house. No one even balked when I mentioned we might have to hit WalMart on the way. (Yes, I know I swore the place off, but :::sigh::: I have to be realistic.) I think we’re all looking forward to getting some structure back into our lives. Usually, we ease back into things one subject at a time so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Tomorrow, we’ll just enjoy the day and we’ll move on from there. I’m bringing the camera tomorrow (well, it’s on the counter so I don’t forget it) and I hope to be back tomorrow night with a good story or picture or something.

Wish us luck – we’re taking Mike’s truck (Danny’s taking the Suburban and dropping Mike off at work and picking him up.). I hate driving Mike’s truck. It’s so stoopid. His truck IS the Suburban without rows of back seats. It’s exactly the same size as the car I’ve been driving for years and years. The dashboard is the same as it is in the ‘burb – ok- it’s way fancier, but the basics are in the right place. The lack of back seats freaks me out. For some reason I cannot park the truck to save my life and I won’t even talk about getting out of the parking space. It’s sad, really.

What can I stick in the crockpot tomorrow morning that will be ready when we come home? I’m thinking of tossing some chicken covered in salsa in and just having burritos. We still have the corn salsa, regular salsa, hot sauce and sour cream. That’s a good dinner, right?

Sorry to be so uninteresting tonight. But sometimes that is how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Yup … it’s about time to start school again . . .

  1. I was just thinking the same thing about the boredom. We are slowly adding back in subjects and early Aug should be back in business.

    The fighting and whining are driving me insane.

    And my mouthed drooled a bit at your crockpot idea. Mmm.

  2. Karen – I have a TON of questions for you – you'll be hearing from me!

    Robin – the salsa chicken thing seems too easy to be as delicious as it it. Try it!

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