Ahhhhh salt air . . .

Tim, Ian, Andy and I headed to the beach today. I swear there really IS something in the air that just rejuvenates you. We pulled into the parking lot about the same time the thundercloud decided to hover over our umbrella. It drizzled – a LOT – but we stuck it out. We ate our Cuban bread with pepperoni and little squares of cheese and drank our Cherry 7-Ups in defiance of the rain. And, sure enough, the rain cleared and we had a beautiful sunny beach day. For late July, the ocean water seems really cool to me. I’m not complaining. It’s great to hop in and get really refreshed!

It was a great day all-together. I think I might have to retire my “old’ one-piece tankini, though. It appears my butt has completely disappeared and this particular swim suit “floats” around a little more than a swimsuit I want to wear on a regular basis. OK – let’s move past this like I never said anything – ‘kay?

Nothing truly exciting happened at the beach. It was wonderful and relaxing and just all of the things the beach should be. When we got home, though, there was a great lightening storm. Ian tried to get a picture of how amazing it was without a lot of luck. But, here’s one picture that I think is kind of cool.

3 thoughts on “Ahhhhh salt air . . .

  1. Gail, I can't get the link to work, but just reading the link, I wonder . . . psychiatric-disorders.com??? Are you trying to tell me something? 8)

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