It’s a whole new world . . .

Today, I finally got through to the homeschool coordinator at our local community college. I’ve been trying for a while. Because it had been so hard to reach her, I thought finally reaching her would be unpleasant. I was wrong. Unlike her co-workers in the “Student Success Services,” (NO!!!! I did not make that up!) she was direct and knew what she was talking about.

So, in the next week or so, Danny will be dual-enrolled. He’ll finish up high school while earning college credits at the same time. He’s ready for it on all levels, but it’s freaking me out that my first baby will be going to college. It’s weird all-around!

Now, we have to work around the car issue. One car, five people and increasingly varied schedules. It’s going to get interesting around here pretty quick.

We lived many years – when the older boys were little – sharing a car. It was economical. It made sense. I like being at home and don’t seek to leave very often. But, the minute you tell me I don’t have a car, I suddenly want to do all kinds of things that need a car. And I tend to get pissy about having to sit home (or get 3-4 sleeping short people up in the middle of the night so I can have a car in the early evening.) Perverse, I know. But, that’s just how I am.

About seven years ago, we bought the Suburban. I was free! The kids were free! Never in the world has a family been as happy about a used truck. And, we’re still driving Old Blue. I still love this vehicle. Now, with three teens, one driving, two itching to drive, we’re going to have to come up with a new plan.

I have no clue on what the new plan will be. In the meantime, I’m going to just flip out about having a child old enough to attend college classes. He’s excited and ready to jump all over this. I’m excited for him, but also a little sad to see him that much closer to leaving altogether. And, Ian and Tim aren’t far behind. Weird. Weird. Weird.

7 thoughts on “It’s a whole new world . . .

  1. Hooray for Dual Enrollment! Is he going to SCC? I am not sure what their rules are now.

    We have two cars and three drivers. Matt takes one car to college so he can drive back and forth without one of us having to go get him and bring him home. That leaves one car for the two adults here and some days it can get tricky. Luckily my daughter and husband live three blocks away and I can usually rely on her to help out if need be!

  2. Hello Amy,
    This is Kylie – remember we had our private little soap swap?
    I've been looking for you for ages, and finally found you 😀 can you please contact me via contact form on my site?

  3. Congratulations Dan…
    Maybe you can get a scooter for you and Andy to ride. At least 3 people can fit on one (if they hold on real tight)!

  4. Yah! It looks like you made it.

    Sorry, I have to yah, so that I don't freak out and cry because I'm so freaking out about Baby Boy starting college.

    We're holding off until the spring semester, but he's totally ready.

    He doesn't have his license yet, but he'll be getting it any minute now and then we'll have 3 drivers and one car.

    I may have to start working . . . we're definitely going to be needing some new wheels around here.

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