Nothing new here … kind of

Still working on Dan’s community college schedule. (Karen, expect an email! I’m sore confused!)

Tim has a friend with a dog who had puppies. Tim’s initial report was that they were Golden Retrievers. I was kind of on board to get one of the puppies. He came home today and said they were labradors. I love labs. But, I don’t think a lab will be a good fit for Scout. :::sigh:::: puppy love crushed again. Anyone have opinions on a type of puppy that would suit an old border collie? The puppy is mostly for Scout (and me). Scout needs a job. She does a great job herding the guinea pigs, but the pigs don’t like it so much and they don’t seem to learn from outing to outing. Some puppies might learn . . .

I just don’t know . . .

4 thoughts on “Nothing new here … kind of

  1. Why wouldn't a lab be a good fit?

    I don't know much about dogs, but I love labs.

    Maggie is half lab, actually. She was quite an airhead for a couple years, but she mellowed.

  2. Ami, I have to say I spent the evening with two really wonderful labs. I'm in a more favorable mood to them. I just don't think Scout will take well to a “less-than-smart” puppy. I don't think I will either. What's the deal on cloning? Is that an option? LOL

  3. And, lest anyone think I'm a hater of labradors, I'm not. They're loyal, funny, sweet dogs. But they are, in my experience, not the smartest dogs – which, strangely, is part of their charm. I'm just seeking a dog that can meet up to Scout's standards – that's all.

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