Can’t you smell the culture?

Yep. I went to the opera today. Okay, it was the opera at-the-movies, but it was the opera! I never like things to be too easy, so I didn’t fully read my mom’s email inviting me to the opera. I just assumed we would be going to the local movie theater where we saw our last movie-opera. Oops.

I stood in the HOT sun searching for my mom for nearly 15 minutes until it occurred to me to check the board in the shady area where they sell tickets. No opera. One, I felt stoopid for being in the wrong place. Two, I was mad that I would have to park Mike’s big dumb truck more than once. Three, I couldn’t believe that today, of all days, I had no cell phone. Kids were scattered to the wind and one of them had my cell phone.

I managed to get the stoopid truck out of the parking space (a HUGELY desirable parking space I might add) and I drove to the right theater. Luckily, we’d planned to meet early AND my mom’s friend decided to join us. She managed to get us a good spot to sit and eat while my mom stood outside waiting for her “challenged” daughter. (Waving Hi & Thanks! at Regina!!!) The theater where the opera was playing was the “fancy” theater in town. Normally, they show foreign films, documentaries and good independent movies. I’m married to Mike – who is a wonderful man but he’s not really into subtitles AND if you sit him down in a theater that offers couches, he falls dead asleep and then complains that he spent money on a ticket. We don’t usually go there. Netflix is a good thing.

Today, they had a sold out opera. Way fun. We sat in cushy chairs, ate the most amazing Margarita pizza ever and watched Otello, from Salzburg’s 2008 festival. I would so love to go on an opera tour of Europe. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I really, really encourage you to check your local theaters to see if a cool opera is coming your way. It’s so fun. So over the top – like an old soap opera, but with beautiful music, outrageous costumes and amazing set designs.

Thanks Bing and Regina for a great afternoon. We need to plan another one! Soon. I came home to utter, ugly, man-chaos … sigh. I love them, but . . .

5 thoughts on “Can’t you smell the culture?

  1. That sounds heavenly! I've never heard of an opera on the big screen. That sounds like a nice theater too. Now I'm off to check my local listings. Our opera season here doesn't start for a few more months and I'm in need of a culture re-boost!

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