Yesterday, Andy was REALLY bored. You know. He was bored in the obnoxious way that 9 year-olds get bored. I was trying to get dinner together and not really interested in the boredom thing. I suggested he make brownies. Alone. He’s been helping Mike and me cook since he was born, I figured he could handle brownies. And, being the fourth child, I did not even check on him once (I did load the finished pan into the oven). Well, Andy took off to play with his friends (newly arrived home as he was mixing and measuring). Those brownies took nearly 90 minutes to cook. (Normal time is about 35 minutes, fyi) And, they just didn’t look right. But, I ate one. Yes, indeed, it’s possible to make a greasy brownie. As in, greasy. Brownies should never taste burnt AND greasy. Actually they shouldn’t ever taste burnt. And, they should never ever taste greasy. Ever. Trust me. I ate one of these brownies because I love my son and he was watching me eat it. I told him he could not have one until after dinner (you know, the rules are different for mom).

Andy and I went our own way for the early part of the evening. When we came home, I was stunned to see Mike and the older boys munching brownies. Don’t tell that I told, but they scrapped (and hid) Brownies 1.0 and remade them and let Andy think they were his. Andy is SO proud. Now, I’m stuck. I’m thinking we’ll start school off with measuring 101 and go from there. I’m so proud of Mike and the other boys, though. They act tough, but they’re mushy and nice. It’s a secret (reading this constitutes a pinkie swear, folks).

4 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Reminds me of the time my then 13 yr-old ds decided to make cookies..he read the flour 1 1/2 cups as use 1/2 of one cup…..

  2. maybe the move stress is really really making me mental, but that made tears well up in my eyes. (ok, some fell too but shhhh, don't tell anyway, ok?) Those are some seriously sweet boys/men you've got there.

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