Centaurs, bread, laundry and college

It started off as a normalish day. For us, anyway. My main goal was to tackle the ever-present mountain of laundry in the garage before everything turned moldy and was ruined. It started off fairly well, but as the day progressed, it got hotter and hotter out there and my enthusiasm for folding clothes hot-out-of-the-dryer waned. I concentrated on indoor tasks and diverted the laundry for the evening.

In the meantime, Dan headed over to Seminole Community College to drop off his paperwork. A HUGE part of me wanted to go with him to make sure he “did everything right.” But, the sensible part of me sucked it up and accepted the fact that if he’s old enough to attend college classes, he should certainly be able to handle registration. Have I ever mentioned here that I bite my nails? It’s gross, I know. But when I’m really nervous and no one’s looking and I’m not wearing nail polish, I bite them. Let’s just say my fingers look like stumps.

Dan did fine on his own. In fact, when he came home the first thing he said was “I’m so glad you didn’t come with me! There was another kid in the ‘homeschool’ line with his mom and I felt so bad for him. She even had the ‘mom’ uniform on and the poor kid had his shirt tucked in!” I know, the horrors!!! I will have to dig further to find out what a ‘mom’ uniform is. He’s all set with his classes. He’s not allowed to take Calculus until he passes College Algebra. He has to go over and take a test to be allowed to take College Algebra, but after looking at some of the practice tests online (what in the world did we ever do without the internet?) he’ll be fine.

I unmolded and cut some soaps, made lunch and settled down to check my email and catch up on the world. The boys ate and headed out to run errands. I so love being able to have them run errands. They also hit the army/navy store for a specialty ammo box that Tim is converting into an underwater video camera case. I had extra time alone and that translated into goofing off online.

Imagine my delight and surprise at finding this picture of Vladamir Putin. Seriously? I don’t know a thing about the man, but does he have a wife or a girlfriend? If he does, why are they not informing him that these pictures, despite his overall fitness for his age, make him weird and creepy? If I want weird, creepy and shirtless, I will google Matthew McConaughey. Thank you very much. (Really you should google pictures of him, not dialog. He’s gorgeous until he opens his mouth.) But, I could not get the picture out of my head. I still can’t.

As I moved onto cleaning out the front-closet-from-hell, I kept thinking about the picture. It seemed vaguely familiar. Aha! The Lord of the Rings movies and of course, Firenze, from Harry Potter. As I emptied the closet and sorted things into save, toss, donate, and set on fire, I thought about it some more. I was sure I was right and I vowed to finish the closet (which I did – WHY do I have so much notebook paper? I think it might be a form of mental illness.) and then come right here and tell you all about my revelations. But it never works like that.

The boys came home, friends arrived, dinner, scouts, hell’s kitchen (anyone else watching – what a bunch of crazies! But, 10 points for creative, albeit bleeped, swearing. It’s kind of inspiring.), back to laundry and it kind of slipped my mind. While I was cleaning up the kitchen and waiting to flip laundry, I decided to try a new bread recipe. What kind of idiot starts making bread (and yogurt) at 11:45 pm? THIS kind of idiot. The bread took forever to rise. Forever. It’s nearly three. The laundry is just about done. The bread, which is still looking kind of dense and brick-like is finally in the oven. Gah. Oh well, if nothing else, it’ll become croutons. You can never have enough croutons.

Anyway, I finally remembered about the centaur. Here’s a centaur. Imagine the movie centaur in late-middle age. You have Vladamir Putin! Crazy, but true. As a child of the Cold War (anyone else remember having to sit under their desks twice a year while loud sirens blared? How scary and stoopid was that?), I cannot help but wonder if there’s something we need to know about the Russian army these days? Have they figured something out? Do they have trolls and giants, too? Is Mr. Putin not just getting these pictures done as a Christmas gift for his significant other? Is he trying to tell us something? I’m guessing no, but sometimes a person wonders.

Tomorrow, I’m going to make a concerted effort to focus on real things. No promises, but I’m going to try.

7 thoughts on “Centaurs, bread, laundry and college

  1. LOL about the centaur! If Dan gets a high enough score on the CPT math test he could take the CPT-I which is the college level math test to see if he can score into a higher level math. Seriously, give me a call! 🙂

  2. I'm a night owl, but not nearly as active or creative as you are in the wee hours, LOL.

    We (make that Mom #1) tried a new bread recipe from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day cookbook over the weekend. It was delicious.

    I'd like to hear a little more about that Mom “uniform.” I hope I'm not inadvertently wearing one, LOL.

  3. There IS the homeschool uniform, you know, denim jumper and white blouse. 🙂 I don't know what the Mom uniform is though.

  4. Please find out more about this 'mom uniform'. Does he just mean old out-of-style clothes or was she really wearing her pajamas while in public. heehee

    I need to learn to make bread…it is a homeschool requirement I keep flunking out of. I know the frozen bread dough I'm using is cheating. I'm a homeschool cheater mom…pitiful.

  5. janjanmom – I think frozen dough totally counts! Trust me I have no Whisper Mill or whatever – I'm not grinding wheat – I'm making freezer dough right here.

    Shed the denim jumper myth!!! LOL I won't rat you out.

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