Mom Uniform

Cool rainbow, huh?

Well, I grilled Dan today about what exactly constitutes a “mom” uniform. Really, he’s a nice kid. He has “known” about denim-jumper-syndrome for years and years. Today he explained it in his best words. I will spare you the torture. Essentially, if you are over 30 and wearing clothes, you are wearing the “mom uniform.” I know, I’m confounded too.

Speaking of Dan, I had the strangest phone conversation today. A woman called from the community college. She informed me that the ‘counselor’ information on Dan’s application was blank. I confirmed this saying that he’d been homeschooled and we hadn’t hired a counselor.

She asked if I would consider myself his counselor. I thought about it. Jailor/counselor? Is there really a significant difference? I said “SURE!” in a really enthusiastic voice. She informed me that part of his application had been left blank and that part was to be filled out by a counselor. I asked what was missing. She said we need his GPA and his test scores. Well, color me confused! I said you have his transcript and a copy of his test scores in that file, don’t you?

“Yes. Yes, I do,” said the woman. “But the thing is the paperwork. I need you to come here and fill in the test scores and the GPA and then sign it.” There is a reason we homeschool – actually there are many reasons. BUT, top among my reasons is stoopid stuff. I held my breath for ten seconds and asked the woman “This is really just a paperwork issue, isn’t it?” She giggled and assured me that it was. Gaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

So tomorrow, I will go over to the community college and fill in the blanks and sign the paper and Danny will be free to edumacate himself. Honestly, where does the stoopidity end? I signed a four page application at least five times. I included copies of my driver’s license, Dan’s driver’s license, Dan’s transcript, Dan’s SAT scores, Dan’s birth certificate and they STILL need me to come down in person to fill out the counselor’s section?

My head exploded about two paragraphs above, but if anyone is still reading …. Gah … we need more government in our lives? Really?

4 thoughts on “Mom Uniform

  1. Amy, I know. I've had to explain that part often! YOU are the counselor when you are homeschooling and, yes, they need the GPA, on the form. Sigh. When my kids dual enrolled, before I worked there, I just wrote down 4.0. We were unschoolers and didn't test. What the heck. I used to tell parents to put down what they felt was a fair GPA. I'm sure the college would have been upset with me, but come ON, homeschooling is different.

  2. When Matt was 10, he and I took a couple of adult continuing education classes at the local CC.

    We took those classes together.

    But the college made me sign a piece of paper saying I knew he was a minor and that they were not responsible for his safety while he was attending classes. I told the lady on the phone that I was really glad they'd notified me he was a minor as I was about to tell him to get a job and move out.

    They also wanted permission from his school for him to take those classes.

    So they mailed me the papers, and I had Eric sign as the principal of the school. No one ever questioned it.

  3. Well I guess there's no way of getting out of my Mom uniform. I have to wear clothes, you know, for goodness' sake.

    Don't talk to me about the cc forms. I just went through Baby Boy's packet they sent me . . . EGAD I need to start doing hand exercises to get ready for that mountain of paperwork.

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