I have soap. It’s really nice soap. No colorants, nothing weird added (unlike the picture – the soaps I’m offering right now range from white to creamy yellow.) Goat’s milk soap. I just had the urge to make soap. I am horrified at the prices I’m about to give you, but shipping has gone up a lot, as has the price of ingredients. If you can find handmade soap locally buy it – you’ll save the shipping and boost your local economy!

But, if you have cash, want good, long-lasting soap, you’re in the right place. Everything is being shipped “naked.” No box, a print out of the ingredients and that’s it. If you want a box and a nice label, email me and we’ll haggle.

Four 3.5 oz bars of soap: Clean Cotton, Lavenilla, Orange/Patchouli (more orange than patchouli – honestly, my husband HATES patchouli and he loves this soap – I just haven’t told him the name of it), Rosemary Mint spiced with peppermint leaves. YUM.
$30.00 which includes shipping.
(I have 4 sets of these, first come, first served.)


Two 3.5 oz bars of soap: Berries, Figs and Flowers along with English Lavender. $18 which includes shipping. (I have 6 sets.)


Two 3.5 oz bars of pure Castille. Goat’s milk, olive oil and that’s it. Soothing and softening. It’s a low-lather, long-lasting soap. If you have allergies or other skin issues, this is your ticket. $25.00, includes shipping. (I have 4 sets.)

I wish I could, but I can’t honor special requests. This is pretty much a take it or leave it deal. And, sadly, my monstrous supply of soapmaking stuff is wearing down. I don’t know how many more batches of soap I can squeak out of what I have. I do know that I’ll most likely never again buy in the quantities I used to and I don’t know that I can bear the obscene prices if I have to go to buying in small quantities. So, if you’re interested, jump on it now.

If you’re interested, you can send a Paypal payment to If you have questions, you can email me at

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