Another reason to love Mike!

Well, there are many reasons to love Mike. But today’s events were an especially good example. I posted my angsty political post last night, folded some laundry (because that is my purpose in life, laundry) and climbed into bed. Mike was set to get up early to take Dan and Ian to a Scout thing – setting up for a fair to help homeless Vets. It was late so I kind of slithered under the covers. It was late enough that if I woke Mike up he would have been up for the day.

I slept. He got up early and shuffled kids around. That there is reason enough to love him! But, when he got home and I opened my eyes – poof! – this is what I found! Snowballs! I was floored. Mike is not a computer-ish kind of guy. He doesn’t read my blog (one, he lives it and two, he knows I’ll show him the really funny stuff and MAKE him read it). I thought the planets had shifted and Mike read my blog in the morning.

Nope. He heard from one (of our) boys that another boy (interestingly one of ours, too) had handed out Snowballs to all of his friends and *poof* they were gone. So, on his way home from the Scout thing, Mike stopped and picked up a box of Snowballs. How cool is that? The man knows me. He had no clue about my whining of the night before. Eerie, huh?

Here are more pictures of the beloved Snowball. I had to eat two Snowballs to get these pictures. I hope you’ll all appreciate my sacrifice (and it’s ensuing sugar rush).

First, I made it look all fancy by putting it on a plate. I read old cookbooks, so I know that putting pre-made stuff on decent dishes makes it homey and nice. A garnish of processed American cheese and/or parsley seems to seal the deal in June-Cleaver-land. Chips are just chips until you put them into a beautiful salad bowl with a crystal bowl filled with onion dip. Hummus is good. It’s MUCH better if you stick it in a pretty little bowl. You’re getting it right? Who doesn’t love condiments? They taste better if you use little spoons to apply them to your hotdog or sandwich as opposed to just squirting them out of the bottle. 😉

Hmmm … or not. All hail the Snowball. And Mike.

3 thoughts on “Another reason to love Mike!

  1. How sweet of him. A world class keeper for sure.

    Still, Snowballs, yuck, we could be roommates and probably not ever get on each others nerves.

    You can have all the chocolate and do the laundry; I'll have all the vanilla and wash all the dishes (apparently why I was put on this earth . . . I do dishes at least a hundred times a day.)

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