Not worth it

I felt it coming on, I had the warning emails from, I was grumpy and had the runny mascara that made me look like a raccoon. Still, it didn’t occur to me to start up the allergy meds again. By Monday morning, I was flat on the couch with the migraine/sinus headache from hell. And, I’ve been on-and-off asleep for the past three days. This is never good in a house with five male beings. Finally, last night, the allergy meds kicked in and I surveyed my house …

It’s not worth it to just flop on the couch and give in to your misery. Really. It’s not. They try. Sort of. Dishes everywhere – some clean, some dirty. Some clean ones stacked with the dirty and more dirty ones stacked in the clean (which means all the clean need to be rewashed). Broom? Hello? While sweeping is kind of like dancing, it’s not too much like dancing. Wouldn’t you rather seem to be dancing than to be walking through 3″ of sand and dog hair? Bathroom? Dental floss. This one is tricky. I want the boys to floss. I want it to be a habit. But, why is it like peeing? Tossing the floss within 6″ of the trash can is considered a score?

This morning, I woke to Mike’s frantic morning ritual. He is to morning what I am to night. Lucky him, that he never witnesses my nocturnal adventures. Gah – the man runs through the house at 5 am. It makes him happy, so I’m happy. But, gah! I dozed off and woke again around 8. I took the allergy stuff and some aspirin and started making lists! Let’s just say I’m not too popular around here. I left the boys with my lists and I went out in search of groceries – I’ve been putting it off for over two weeks.

The boys managed to clean up the nastier messes. I’m convinced most men do NOT see things the way women see them. But, they made progress. I’m up finishing up and trying to get a handle on the laundry. I’m starting to see that TV in general is not good for me. I can’t handle the news. I apparently can’t handle HGTV – I told Mike last night in all seriousness that we should move to a loft in Minneapolis because we could get so much more square-footage. Mike, the killjoy, had to bring up the fact that he doesn’t have a job in Minneapolis and that our entire family is on the east coast. Will I NEVER get to do the Mary Tyler Moore hat toss?

So, tonight, I’m listening to an audiobook (Insomnia, Stephen King). I don’t love it and can’t recommend it, but I’m too far in to quit now.

My goal is to reconquer the house and the filthy people that live here by tomorrow afternoon. God help us if we get the swine flu here. There will be a complete meltdown.

So, did you miss me? 😉

8 thoughts on “Not worth it

  1. Allergies suck. Glad you are better now! The news raises my blood pressure but I would rather know than not know. Enter the blood pressure meds! Give me a call when you are feeling up to it!

  2. Idea – could your son the videomaker film you doing the hat toss and other actions from MTM opener only in and around your local haunts? Then post it!

    First,of course, you have to introduce your ds to MTM so he knows what he is spoofing.

    PS do you Facebook? I am looking for friends.

    JFS in IL or Jody Stepnowski

  3. You're never too far in a book to quit. I once tossed a book aside within 50 pages of the end — it was too stupid to waste another minute on it.

    The other day I was picking up a gaggle of girls and one greeted me with, “Do you have any Zyrtec?” 'Tis the season.

  4. Three are over 500 Amy Bakers listed at Facebook 😦

    FB should bring up at least ONE Jody Stepnowski

    JFS in IL

  5. I couldn't find you even in the Orlando network on Facebook! There are too many people with your name! I am Karen Lund Swithers. Come on and friend me! LOL

  6. I always take one extra day off when I'm sick to warn everyone in the house that I'm getting well and will be coming out of my room in about 24 hours. That gives them a chance to run around and clean up and pretend like they kept it that way the whole time I was sick.

    I know it's a big old lie, but at least I don't have to clean it up.

    Glad you're feeling better. We had 5 minutes of rain a week ago, and my allergies have been so bad, you'd think we had mold growing in the walls.

    Shoot! We probably do.

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