Making a comeback .. sort of . . .

Finally, my brain is back. I’m ready to face the new school year. No, my plans are not entirely outlined, but that’s ok, they never are. I woke up this morning and felt like me, not lazy-summer-me. It’s time to dig in and get going. Sort of. I still plan to hit the beach Wednesday. A last hurrah and all of that …

Today, I got myself organized. I made lists. I did laundry. I cooked ahead. I discovered that is an evil organization (remember the days of trying to quit AOL? They’re worse). Despite the limp and everything, I woke up FINALLY in the right mindset to continue this homeschool journey for another year. Ten is a magic number, right?

I think our late-day trip to visit friends who are in Daytona Beach for a week was a boost. While I LOVE going to the beach. I LOVE even more going to the beach and then being able to spend sometime cooling off and de-salting at a hotel pool. We did just this yesterday and had so much fun. Did I mention there were women to talk to and two adorable little girls to hang out with during our visit? Much as I love my family, sometimes, it’s just nice to talk to people who have body parts similar to my own, kwim?

Mike and the boys had a great time surfing, boogie boarding and dodging the huge waves for hours. Tim tested his underwater camera-case in the ocean. I think the surf might have been a little rough for a first outing. He had the case strapped to his wrist (using a cable from an old boogie board), he had an actual boogie board strapped to his wrist and goggles and 6 ft waves. I think he got some decent footage. But in return for his efforts, he has a bizarre sand burn around his left eye and multiple bruises. I can’t find the surfing footage, but I will share once Tim shares with me.

I spent quite a bit of time in the ocean. Ugh, I hate not having contacts. Once I
take off my glasses, it’s all a blur. I was hanging out with one of the little girls in our group. She and I were having a contest over who could stare at the ankle-high incoming surf for the longest without caving to dizziness. She won hands down. I’d point in a general direction and ask her does that look like “insert name of one of my people” and she’d fill me in on what was going on. I think she thought I was joking and trying to get out of the motion-sickness game, but I wasn’t. Nice little girl led me back to the other mommies where I found my glasses, equilibrium and a nice cold adult beverage and excellent snacks. :::sigh::::

I think it was the combination of a mini-vacation, the timing and just getting to talk to people who don’t think I’m nuts for complaining about nasty socks stuffed between sofa cushions. The sea air and being able to breathe free and clear for several hours helped as well.

Whatever it was, I’ll take it. I feel like me again. Time to get on with edu-ma-cating them there boys!

One thought on “Making a comeback .. sort of . . .

  1. We hope we can get orders to FL. next! I could live my entire life just hanging out at the beach…

    Can't wait to see the new video footage..

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