Gah – teenagers!

I know. The goal is to raise them to be independent, decent people and then let them loose. But, I’m starting to think the last few years of teenage-dome might send me right over the edge. Now, if stress caused my stomach to flatten or my boobs to perk up, I might be OK with the stress. But NOOOOOO … the only thing I’m getting from the stress is heartburn and a potential ulcer and zits. And, these side-effects are not making me a kind and gracious parent.

AND, at the same time, I remember being 16/17. If my parents said I had to be home at 11, I would sit at the foot of our long driveway and wait until 1 minute before 11 before I would go into the house. Yeah, yeah, reap what you sow and all of that. But, I am a much angrier person deep-down than my mom ever was. And still, nothing changes. :::sigh:::

So much is changing around here so fast. Danny’s starting at the community college, three classes and nearly $500 in books!!!! Um not happening. The boys’ tae kwon do school is closing and the kids are sad and I am sad and mad about it. Nine years invested in this school and this teacher. I understand the reasons behind the closing, but I’m still kind of irked about it. And, now what do I do with them? Have I mentioned the $367 electric bill? We’ve never in the 17 years we’ve been paying electric to this company had a bill this high. And, we had to pay our new insurance bill. Danny’s car accident isn’t helping – I don’t blame him, new drivers screw up – but YIKES!!! Oh, and the ortho finally wants to get Ian out of braces (after 4 years) … but he needs an implant or a little bridge for the one tooth he’s missing – minimum $600, like now. And, to top it off, today I received three Christmas catalogs. Gah. Christmas on top of everything else? I’m feeling kind of “uhhh” about it all.

Tomorrow (actually today, it’s late) we’re heading to the beach for the day. Me, my four boys, friend one and friend two. I’ve packed a ton of food. I’m looking forward to it. I figure it’s not that much longer that I’ll have beach days with all of my boys. We have multiple cameras packed so expect pictures tomorrow.

I’m really hoping that the beach will calm me down A LOT. In the meantime, feel free to send money and lottery tickets. 😉

4 thoughts on “Gah – teenagers!

  1. Your life sounds so much like mine. Enjoy the beach! Sometimes I forget that relaxing is every bit as important and necessary as working. Your brain needs time off before you can attack a big project like getting ready for school!

  2. One of our cars is in need of, supposedly, $1800.00 of repairs. The darned thing is not even worth that much! Luckily hubby can do the car repairs himself but he really is tired of doing that. He is in a business where he works with auto parts people so getting the parts is cheap. His own labor will have to do.

  3. I so get this…..well, not the dealing with teen stuff (yet) but the financial stuff. I am probably going to have to go back to work. And. I. hate. it.

  4. We are still waiting on word for the cost of Christopher's braces. He sees a Japanese ortho (Because the Navy doesn't have enough), The last estimate was around $4000 that we will pay out of pocket.. The kicker is here in Japan you pay it all up front!

    Sill looking for a car.. I really hope we find one soon. I may be forced to get a scooter and pile all 3 of the boys on.

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