Beach = Good

It was worth driving six boys to the beach today. Sure, they talk a lot, make a lot of bodily noises and like to listen to really strange music. Despite all of that, they’re fun to be around! And, don’t tell, they’re kind of funny. Actually, they’re really funny. Hysterically funny. And, this is why I’ll never be taken seriously for too long around here. I crack up too easily. I’m part of the problem. (But, really, if they’re smart and funny – as opposed to mean, cheap funny – how do I resist?)

As I was doing laundry, making lists and brownies last night, the boys called me outside to see our Jack-and-the-Beanstalk-Sunflower. This thing grows about 3″ a day. It was a regular old sunflower seed when we planted it, but now I’m kind of scared.

To start things off, I made THE LIST. I do this before every beach trip. I make a four column list. Things to get. Things in the fridge. Essential beach supplies. Toys, games, books, cameras, etc. Now that the boys are older, it makes getting ready to go the beach pretty easy. I prep what can be prepped the night before. The boys do the rest when they get up. Danny gets his surfboard on the roof. Ian and Tim secure boogie boards, frisbees, etc. We all load up the coolers and beach bags. Takes about 20 minutes in the morning. Those of you with small kids, don’t give up. When we left the beach today, I timed it. Me, six boys, packed, loaded, showered and on our way home in 18 minutes.

We had a great time. I spent the first 1-2 hours out in the water with Andy and his bff, Paul. Somehow, Paul and I ended up lagging behind and the pair of us were pummeled by random waves. We could not seem to get out to the others who were standing in relatively calm water picking and choosing their way. We finally made it, but we worked mighty hard to get there. I’m just grateful that Paul was willing to hold my hand and guide me. I didn’t have my glasses on and he was my vision-advisor. Whew! Notice how my own children simply abandoned me? Paul is my new favorite child. The highlight for Andy and Paul? Catching gooey jelly fish without stinging issues. Priceless +++ Blech.

Finally, I had to go back to our spot. We all had sandwiches, ginormous grapes, chips and drinks. The boys left me to hit the water again. (No, I don’t enforce the 1-hour rule after you eat now that they all swim better than I do.) I spent a lot of time staring at the horizon. I read a bit. I periodically jumped up and ran to the surf to tell the younger kids they were too far down. There’s just something about sitting on an empty beach . . .

Nothing has changed since yesterday, but I feel much calmer about it all. My worries are just that – my worries. In the past I’ve worried and worried and worried. I don’t know that it helped anything. For now, I’m good with doing the best we can do and going from there. What else is there?

My favorite part of today? All the boys hit the water with surf or boogie boards. Paul opted to go solo. He and I ended up lagging behind the others but we finally made it to the calm spot between waves. I asked Paul if he’d like a boogie board (thinking I could sneak in a Diet Coke while I graciously picked up said boogie board) and he shut me down. “No thanks. I like to Man Surf.” I know he meant body-surf, but this cracked me up all day long. And, Man Surf he did. He caught more waves than just about anyone in our group.

I’m off to finish beach laundry – which always smells WAY better than real laundry. See you guys tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Beach = Good

  1. I SO want to be your neighbor! I would love a day at the beach.
    If I read your blog for much longer I may just have to abandon Ian and this Navy gig for a shack in Florida…

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