In case I vanish . . .

It’s the sunflower! It’s going to eat us, I just know it. It looks normal, but I think it’s a zombie sunflower.

Look at the pictures. One was taken two days ago and the other was taken just 90 minutes ago. This thing is going to absorb us or something equally Stephen-King-ish. It’s just a matter of time . . .

TWO DAYS AGO: Ian and the sunflower

It all looks so harmless and innocent back then, doesn’t it?

TODAY: Ian and the sunflower – I don’t know that I can ever forgive myself for sending my son into this situation … Fortunately, it’s all worked out … he’s safe under his Barney blanket and snoring as you read (and you know NOTHING about the Barney blanket).

7 thoughts on “In case I vanish . . .

  1. I think you need to escape from Florida. I'd be scared if I were you.

    But wait..
    Our sunflowers have gone apeshit too. I guess I'd better get out there and take a picture.

    The tomato plants are seven feet tall and producing a boatload of tomatoes. Eric and Matt are the only people who eat them.

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