A Walmart kind of day . . .

I’m getting a little concerned. In the past two days, I’ve received a link to an insane site about the People of Walmart, a Walmart Bingo Card (click on the picture to enlarge it) and a a link to a story about a scary crazy man in Walmart. I’m sensing a theme. I am more than my Wal-Mart trips people. I think. Sadly, the highlight of my day is going to be, you guessed it, a trip to WalMart. Yes, I’ll have my phone camera and bingo card handy at all times.

6 thoughts on “A Walmart kind of day . . .

  1. LOL Kaaren – I filled two carts full of food and some great clearance shorts and shirts for Andy (who has been looking a little too refugee-ish lately)! Strangely, 8 pm seems to be the hour to hit our local Walmart – there was nothing but normalcy all around me. Refreshing and a 'wee' bit disappointing as well. LOL – I guess I'll never be happy.

  2. I never knew WalMart was a bra-optional store until going to the one near me! The size of the boobs directly correlates to the probability of the large woman wearing a tube top.

  3. O-M-G! I love love love the 'People of Walmart' site. As if I don't spend enough time surfing. Sorry I thought about you when I saw the bingo card – couldn't help it.

    I avoid Walmart as much as possible.

    That guy is just scary!!!

    -Mrs. Duck

  4. I avoid the Walmart as much as possible but since it is the only “big” store in town, I have to venture in from time to time and after bigging that Bingo card, I probably could have checked off half from my trip this morning to buy black plastic for my flower beds. And that was just the garden area. I never even made it into the actual store.

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