It’s good to be human!

Today I woke up with no headache, no stiff joints and no urge to cry looking at the messy house. Yep. I’m better. MUCH better.

The older boys have been keeping up with their schoolwork and helping Andy as well. So all I had to do was jump back into the mix. I DO like homeschooling. I even like the subjects I don’t like. It was so nice to have my brain back in working order.

After school, we went to the library. I just love the Friends of the Library bookstore. I was able to pick up about 1/3 of the reading list for our Literature course and I also found double copies of 5 of 8 of our Shakespeare reading for this semester. I tossed in a couple of books for me to read and a couple of books that Andy will like. $10.70!!!!! How exciting is that? That will save us about $150++ if we had purchased new books. Yay us!

In the meantime, things here are wonky. Good. But wonky. Danny leaves and goes to his college classes. Tae kwon do is no more. Ian and Dan are both closing in on their Eagle Scout projects. Gahh … I can’t handle unstructured. Before I had kids, I was all about unstructured. Funny how things turn around and bite you in the butt.

OK – I’m talking myself down for now. Change is good and we’ll get over this hump and move on … right???? In the meantime, I’m channeling my angst into scrubbing the house and rearranging furniture and micromanaging those inanimate objects that allow me to micromanage.

3 thoughts on “It’s good to be human!

  1. If you run out of things to scrub or micromanage over here, you are welcome to come visit and scrub and micromanage in an exciting new location! I'll even make you supper. And since two of the three boys that live in this house are smaller than us, we can kick them out and watch girl movies and (you can) eat olives.

    When should I expect you? 🙂

  2. LOL Sabrina!!! You are the master of change and adjustment – all the military stuff you deal with every day would have made my head explode years ago!!!! – send me your new address, I have 24 seasons 4&5 waiting to send to you.

    Laura – expect me around 11 am-ish on Saturday! :::sigh::: I really wish I lived close to so many of you all. We'd have so much fun!

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