Nostalgia . . .

When I was a little girl, I LOVED this segment on Sesame Street. JUST loved it. Tim is in the process of building a “real” house for the guinea pigs, Esme and Jenny. He asked me if I thought they would like beds and this Sesame Street moment popped into my head. Anyway, I have to share the video with you! Who knew I was such a girl? I love the little dishes, the little beds, the little table, all of it. Do any of you remember this? Aside from Super Grover and the crashing 10-layer cake, this was hands-down my favorite Sesame Street TV memory. (OK, that and Mr. Rogers singing that “You are my friend . . .” I really was his friend, you know.)

The dollhouse video also reminds me of a book I TOTALLY loved as a kid. Anyone else read Suzy Squirrel? as a kid? She moved into a dollhouse after being terrorized by some mean red squirrels. And she liked to bake. :::sigh::: LOVED that book.

All that and a guinea pig house to boot, huh?

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