Happy Birthdays!

Danny turned 17 yesterday. Isn’t he handsome? I know. Part of me feels like it’s not possible and part of me feels like “How is it possible that he’s not 40?” For his birthday, we gave him a new backpack and some cash. The backpack was necessary since the only non-camping backpack he had was from back when he attended 2nd grade. Don’t know why he was refusing to carry it. Dan was thrilled to find a pot in the backpack to hold his “imaginary laptop.” A sense of humor goes a long way!

Mike found the amazing cake at Costco. It’s a cupcake cake. It’s ginormous. I’ve been sending it around the neighborhood because I can’t seem to stay away from it.

Danny and Bing ignoring me.And, today is Bing’s birthday! Happy Birthday Bing!!!!! I can’t tell you what her present is because we won’t see her until tomorrow. It’s not a backpack though. This picture is from 3-4 years ago, look how short Dan is!

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthdays!

  1. I totally thought you said he was thrilled to “find pot in his backpack.” And I thought “Wow, Amy is the coolest mom EVER.”

    Happy birthday to the both!

    17? Holy moly.

  2. It certainly is birthday season in Blogland.

    He's got a GREAT day for a birthday . . . every few years, it falls on Labor Day. Yes? I used to think the entire world took the day off to celebrate the miracle that is my birth.

    I'm a little less narcissistic these days. 😉

    Oh, Happy Birthday, Danny!

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