Hypothetical . . .

Wouldn’t it suck if you decided to take advantage of your husband being home on a Monday morning and opted to stay up extra late doing laundry, listening to a good book on your IPod and making a few loaves of bread (knowing you could sleep in without fear of boy-children living in your house beating each other to death or setting the house on fire while you slept in) only to discover, after making the dough, after kneading the dough, after letting the dough rise for an hour and after punching it down and after sitting down to let it rise for another 30 minutes or so that you noticed two band-aids missing from your finger (say, if the band-aids were covering an oogy burn you received from making toast – in a careless fashion – in the oven because, unlike a normal person, you refused to buy a new toaster insisting that they are a gross, nasty waste of counter-space?)? A band-aid you’d applied several hours before deciding to stay up late?

Just thinking out loud here, but it would kind of suck if that actually happened to someone. Imagine, good dough tossed. Lack of sleep and no delicious bread in the morning. Whew! . . . glad that never happened to me.

4 thoughts on “Hypothetical . . .

  1. You gonna make a game out of it – whichever boy finds the bandage wins a treat? Or has good luck all year? Or is the child destined for medical school and supporting his folks in their dotage?

  2. I'd just throw a bunch of additional band-aids into the dough and call it a theme.

    Isn't Jada Pinkett Smith starring in some new medical-show-drama-type-thing? Just put that on the telly, slice the band-aide bread and make it Dr. Dough night, LOL.

    Or if that doesn't work for you . . . just go back to bed. It'll be better tomorrow. 😉

  3. ROFL – If I'd known you guys would make a game out of it, say if that thing actually DID happen to me, I would have baked the bread – like Mardi Gras King cakes – only with nasty band-aid? (hurl)

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