Well, we’re not alone!

A few months ago, we (the whole family) went to one of the first tea parties to see what the deal was. Our experience was that it was a lot of real people, who didn’t have a lot in common. It was a good, but strange, experience. We’ve never been protesters. The crowd was mixed – young folks, families with kids in strollers, the middle-aged people like me and Mike and the old people (who didn’t seem all that old to me).

TODAY? The Tea Party movement took on Washington DC. The crowd estimates are from several thousand people to as many as 2 million people (ABC). Either way, it gives you pause, doesn’t it? Me? In case you have never read here before, I’m kind of conservative. But, to know that other people are as ticked off as I am by being ignored (no town halls in my district) and by being treated as if we are stupid (or worse!). Who doesn’t want some kind of health care reform? That’s like saying you hate puppies. NO ONE hates puppies! I sure don’t. But what is the big freaking rush? Why not make it good and right and sane?

I think the whole rushing thing is what has set me off. Just vote for it, don’t read it and you’re not accountable to anyone after you do vote. I’ve tried this before (as in Mike, we’re going to raise our income by 20% while decreasing our spending), no one buys it. My teenaged boys will rush through explanations when they don’t want to tell me what really happened. It appears our government is no different . . . I love my teens. I sure as hell don’t want them running the country.

In the meantime, we have some stuff going on here that I am not quite comfortable blogging about yet. If I’m gone for a few days, it’s nothing personal. If you’re of the praying-persuasion, we could use those. If you’re not a praying type, feel free to jump in with good thoughts, or whatever you have! We’re happy to get anything you have to send.

6 thoughts on “Well, we’re not alone!

  1. Sending prayers your way! Hope all is well.

    I was amazed at the number of people who are STANDING UP!! And, to think there are thousands more that could not be there but wanted to! People like Ian and I…

  2. Was there a lot of tv coverage? Because I was *pissed* that CNN gave it all of one minute and said 60k people. Sixty? Really? Way to report unbiasedly.

  3. I'll be sending prayers your way!
    We caught the tail end of the D.C. Tea Party. We were late getting there (the girls had a skating thing) but there were still lots of people there at 3. The signs were the best part! There are some really creative people out there!

  4. Hope all is well with you! If you need anything please call!

    I wish we could have attended the DC tea party but what can I say. Didn't happen. My thoughts were with all of those people! Maybe people will wake up and see that socialism is NOT a good idea. Sure, everyone in Europe loves it, uhhuh, really? The various governments cannot afford to continue to pay for this. It is just an economics fact. With populations shrinking, how will they pay for the Baby Boomers health coverage through old age? There will be more OLD people than young people to pay the taxes. Pretty simple economics. If anyone wants a more detailed economics explanation I have an economist here who would love to tell you! 🙂

  5. Great article, Tutor. I do agree with it. He's right it IS fun to see that many people gathered in one place. But, he's also right that local activism probably garners more results. Thanks for the link.

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