Wheeee! It’s growing . . .

Don’t look yet, I’ll have pics tomorrow BUT – the fall garden is growing. I can’t believe how excited I am. I have been working hard at getting everything planted and making a goofy little bamboo walkway down the middle. Who knew things would start sprouting so quickly?

Last weekend, when I was working on the garden (I tend to work out there from 4 pm until there is no more light), Andy came out to help and take pictures. It was too dark for him to get many good shots. But, this one shot of him trying to get a picture of me doing a cartwheel cracks me up. You can tell I’m serious about the garden thing because I’m wearing overalls.

2 thoughts on “Wheeee! It’s growing . . .

  1. At least you TRIED to do a cartwheel, I'm firmly committed to keeping both feet on the ground whenever Baby Boy has a camera in hand. Who knows where that footage could end up, LOL.

    The garden looks great. I think we're skipping the fall planting this year, but I'm not sure. It's still blazing summer . . . so fall could be coming around any minute. You never know!

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