The Bing is Back!

I picked my parents up from the airport this evening. They have returned from Paris and seem to be unscathed. My dad was not wearing a beret and didn’t do anything more mime-like than using the imaginary brake and the Jesus-handle at the top of the passenger-side window as I drove them home – and he’s been doing that since I was 16, so it’s all good. Whew! He seemed OK with his obvious un-Frenchlikeness. But, c’mon, we all know the world doesn’t need another 6’3″ mime running around Florida, right?

I think my dad’s nervousness might have been the result of me spending most of the ride home with my head spun backwards talking to Bing about all they’d eaten, seen, eaten, done, and eaten in Paris. It’s a highway, it’s mostly straight … what’s the big deal?

It’s crazy, we don’t actually see my parents that much, though they live in the general vicinity. But, when they’re NOT here, I really, really miss them. Not just me, all of us really, really miss them. And, now, we’re glad to have them home . . .

Bing and Pap were also happy to be home. They were punchy and funny and one would say something and then they’d both start cracking up. Honestly, it was like driving Dan and his-friend-that-is-a-girl around in a lot of ways. How many couples can boast that after 45 years? I’m so so so thrilled that they had such a great time.

Before they left for Paris, Andy asked them if Bing could bring him a baguette. Bing wasn’t too sure about that. Tonight when I dropped them at home and helped unload their luggage (not because I’m nice, I needed their bathroom and I needed to steal a Diet Coke from their fridge), my mom pulled the most amazingly squashed croissant I’ve ever seen out of her carry on bag. It was from the airport bakery and she picked it up right before they left.

I’m thinking Andy needs to get out more. You’d have thought I brought home a puppy. He was so excited. He gave each of us a wee-tiny piece and then went off into a corner to snargle the whole thing down. It’s ok to think it, he looked very Smeegle-ish.

Anyway, welcome home Bing and Pap – we missed you!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Bing is Back!

  1. I really miss my folks when they travel as well! I see them about once a week but talk to them every day on the phone. When they are away it just feels weird. They will have their 60th wedding anniversary at the end of October! That's a long time! 🙂

  2. Isn't that funny. My whole family lives within 20 minutes of me, I don't see them more than a couple of times a month either. Of course, when they travel, I call them EVERY SINGLE DAY to make sure they're all right. What's up with that.

    I'm glad they enjoyed Paris. It certainly is beautiful.

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