Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts . . .

Dan’s been having seizures. Not big, full-blown things like you see in the movies, but scary enough . . . How many times do you need to see your child stand up, take a few steps and then land flat on his face and sit up not remembering anything?

Freaky stuff. I called the pediatrician and she squeezed us in right away. Last week, Dan had an MRI and a brain x-ray. Both normal. But the episodes were increasing and increasingly freaking me out. And, I’m a pretty hard person to freak out. Finally, after Dan crashed to the ground for the third time today, I called the pediatrician. She sent us to the Emergency Department.

Does anyone else feel guilty walking into an ED/ER if their kid isn’t bleeding profusely? I do. I don’t want to waste their time. A weird part of me wanted Dan to look less normal than he did walking in. You know, is a nose bleed too much to ask? A little drama??? Poor Dan, nothing like a date-night with mom at your friendly local hospital.

I have to say computers are amazing. They were able to access his bloodwork, MRI and x-ray data right away. Dan was horrified to have to spend time in the new Disney pediatric wing, but oh well. (If you’re in Orlando, the pediatric ER at Florida Hospital is absolutely beautiful and very well-run.) Oddly, the nurse assigned to Dan was the same nurse who was assigned to him years ago when he had a piece of chicken lodged in his esophagus for nearly 3 days. He’s a great big guy that is amazingly good at his job. Funny, this visit, Danny is now taller than “his” nurse.

The doctor on call and the nurse both witnessed one of Dan’s episodes. The doctor immediately said it was a vaso-vagal thing – my understanding is that it is more about low blood pressure than brain issues. They gave him 2000 ml of fluid through an iv and talked to him about recognizing the episodes and simply sitting down before it got worse. The doctor was awesome. I’m so glad we went in. I’m weird about the ER and wasting people’s time. But, tonight, I think taking him in was the right thing. Dan has been totally freaked out and so have I.

The ED doc wants Dan to have the EEG he was originally scheduled for on this coming Wednesday, but he was very confident it would not show signs of epilepsy or something else scary. He gave Dan a bunch of tips on how to handle this and how to minimize it. I loved that he talked more to Dan than to me. I feel like I might actually be able to sleep through the night tonight.

I hope everyone is looking at a good Sunday. We’re planting tomatoes, peppers and a bunch of flowers tomorrow. I have to finish painting the boys’ bathroom . . .6 of us sharing one bathroom is getting cluttered and messy. Mike has something marinating for the grill for dinner, so it’s all good.

I’m up late because I’m starting to let go of the terror I’ve had for the past few weeks. Dan will be OK. Gah … stoopid kids. Cross your fingers for good results on Wednesday, please.

8 thoughts on “Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts . . .

  1. How scary for you and Dan! I have heard of this before but don't know too much about it. I have some extra blood pressure to spare; I wish I could pass some of mine along to him! ๐Ÿ˜‰ My son used to get dizzy spells when he would have to sit down and chill for a while. Frankly I thought that it was from anxiety, like his mom, but maybe it was something more. He grew to 6' 2″ really young and really fast!

  2. You know how folks joke about not bothering Mom and Dad unless there's blood involved? I'd take a bleeding child over a child-in-seizure any day of the week.

    I”m glad it seems like something that's relatively easy to deal with.

  3. Gail, I'm so with you. Blood is WAY better than a seizure.

    Today was pretty good – one episode. Dan is not pleased about me chasing him around with bottles of water, but if he's smart he'll catch on and do it for himself.

    I have to say, last night was the BEST sleep I've had in at least two weeks. It's funny how easily your brain can lead you into thinking something is normal. And, then, when “normal” hits, you are just stunned. Curse my stoopid brain!

    Dan woke up rested and much more relaxed than he's been forever. Me too. Dan spent the day working on an essay an a research paper (God help me, the homeschool mom in me wants to jump in while he does this stuff, but I'm resisting). I spent the afternoon planting a bizillion tomato plants and a bunch of funky peppers and weeding the garden.

    Kind of normal, huh?

  4. Glad to hear the the ER docs were quick on it all and that Dan can hopefully control it with his hydration and doctor's orders.

    I can only imagine your anxiety.

    Mmmmmmmm, home-grown tomatoes ๐Ÿ™‚

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