I got nuthing …

I wanted to type “nuthin” but I just couldn’t do it. I heart my “g” endings.

Spent a bulk of the day planting tomatoes and pepper plants. I’m a spaz gardener so this took me much longer than it would a normal person. I wait until the sun is setting (sweat, sunburn and heatstroke being my top three reasons), I get my book on tape (The Secret Garden right now) lined up, I like to shine up and line up my gardening tools, then I have to put on my overalls … it’s kind of ridiculous, but I enjoy it. And, I think that will ultimately be shown in the quality of my fall vegetable garden. It’s all about the overalls, right?

2 thoughts on “I got nuthing …

  1. Hi Amy, you are completely right, it is all about the most fantastic clothing, overalls ! I'm just another crazy guy in Norway, loving gardening, simple life, music, art, and last but not least overalls, incredible how life becomes better and easier by wearing overalls, so much that together with other overalls fans organizing an international overalls day on November 20 ! just to celebrate overalls even if every day is an overalls day for many of us:)

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