I think I need an intervention . . .

Really. I’m too old to be starting projects at midnight and then dragging my sorry ass out of bed at 6:30 am. And, yet … here I am.

It started simply enough. I was going to make yogurt and bread and go to bed. But (there’s always a but) while starting those two things, I noticed the leftover burrito stuff in the fridge. I figured, what the heck? I’m making dough anyway, I’ll make us some Mexican runzas while I was at it. D’oh!

The runzas are delicious. But they are time-consuming and really not something to start past 10 pm. They are cooling now, as the bread bakes and the yogurt is happily sitting on the heating pad under the big pot. But I still have to wrap the runzas up and stick them in the freezer. Oh, and Dan, the boy who can’t drive right now? I have to be on the road with him at 7:30 am.

I need a person who keeps normal-ish hours to come live with me for a week or so and teach me how it’s done. This cannot continue!

Because I’m waiting for the bread to finish baking and the runzas to cool, I thought I’d share some pictures … 9 are refried beans/cheese and the other 16 are beef/rice/sauce/peppers. See how I stuck a little bean on each of the bean ones so we can tell the difference? Now that they’re baked, the bean ones remind me of a wee baby’s belly . . . Gah! I really need some sleep, huh?

2 thoughts on “I think I need an intervention . . .

  1. Those look really good! I've been considering making yogurt again. Last time I made it was when I was in college and it was still the 1970's! Holy cow I am old! I've been buying the Stoneyfield Farm vanilla yogurt lately, yes I know there is sugar in it, but I am hooked!

    Menopause has given me the “blessing” of being both a night owl and an early bird at the same time. If I get 6 or 7 hours a night I am doing well.

  2. I hardly ever sleep, yet I'm always sleepy when it's time to do anything besides sleep . . . so I'd be no help whatsoever. If you need a place to dispose of all that home-baked food . . . you have my mailing address. It all looks and sounds so yummy!

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