The Garden

Here is our garden three weeks into the actual planting. Kind of fun, huh? It’s growing! I’m so excited. I’m also embarrassed to admit how sore I was after putting in the multitudes of tomato plants and pepper plants. I told Mike how many of each i needed (as he headed to Lowe’s, NOT Home Depot) … he came back with double++ because they were all on sale. IF everything grows, we’re going to be drowning in tomatoes. Sign up now if you want extra sauce . . .

In the meantime, we have not heard back from the neurologist. I’ve called twice. At least they know who we are, right? Dan was not pleased as I read him the “grow up” riot act this evening. The doctors treat him as an adult and I think he needs to be able to talk about what’s going on with him as an adult, with a little help from me – ‘cuz he’s not quite an adult. Ack. The kid who is falling down left and right is rolling his eyes at me when I handed him a spiral notebook to, you know, take notes? I KNOW something is off with him, but dang if I didn’t want to knock him flat on his face a few hours ago. (LOL – like I could.) He’s safely asleep so it’s all good right now.

More news you hadn’t thought about – Home Depot. I sent my noxious letter. Early in the week someone called here from Home Depot. They had the good fortune to speak with Ian. They gave Ian two numbers (neither good, though that could be Ian’s fault – the boy has many skills, listening and details are not in the top ten), a name, an exstention and a ticket number(?) and a message for me to call back. Hmmm…

I debated, but I returned the call to “G” later in the day. She was busy Caring for other Customers when I called. Her message made her sound like a nice person so I’m sure the other customers felt much better after they spoke with her. I left a cheerful message letting “G” know I’d returned her call. Surprise. That was the end of it. “G” hasn’t returned my call.

I have no EEG results, just a son a who is behaving weirdly and flopping around on my floor. I DO realize I’m not the center of the universe? In fact, with three teenage sons, that is a recurrent lesson around these parts. BUT … wahhhhh!!!!!!! The Wah is about the EEG.

The Home Depot is not a priority here. But, I do want to keep you all posted.

In the meantime, isn’t the garden cool? Things are actually growing out there! OK that’s enough, don’t look directly at the plants or they will get shy and wither up.

Wishing all of you a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. I envy you the garden – up here things are starting to wilt as the night turn cooler.

    Hang-in there with Dan – keeping fingers crossed it is a transitory thing having to do with being a growing teenager not eating/drinking enough.

  2. That is lovely! And in a few more weeks it will look so lush and beautiful.

    *hugs* I keeping Dan in my thoughts and hoping that it is something simple.

  3. Mike and Andy built some beautiful tomato supports and lattice thingies for the beans this weekend.
    The garden is basically in the front yard so we're going for the not-white-trash look. Sadly, the garage door is still open, so the pretty garden stuff is canceled out by the open garage door that exposes our laundry to the world. :::sigh:::

    Ami – you make a good point. I will consider it.

    Deana – after reading your comment, I'm resisting the urge to go flush the toilet and see if it goes clockwise or counter-clockwise. 😉 And, yeah, Florida is kind of weird. My mom and I were talking on the phone when Andy appeared dripping wet from swimming at the neighbors – it's almost October. He was not shivering or remotely cold. Crazy.

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