A couple of reviews . . .

Bing and I went to see Julie and Julia. Bing had already seen the movie, but liked it enough to see it again with me. What a fun movie! (Don’t go to see it if you’re hungry, though.) I’m still giggling hours later! It was fun, funny, touching and sweet. If nothing else, add it to your Netflix queue.

In my I-pod adventures, I’ve listened to a few books lately. I really enjoyed the The Secret Garden. I adored this book as a girl and it was fun to listen to it again while I painted the boys’ bathroom.

Prior to The Secret Garden, I listened to One Second After. Well, who knew? This is not a book for the faint of heart – at all. The premise is what happens in the US after an EMP (nuclear bomb exploding HIGH in the atmosphere – my understanding at least) is deployed. Ummmm … WOW! At the very least, the book was thought-provoking. I’ve googled since reading and it seems that something like this is a real possibility. And Google never lies. For now, I’m just choosing to ignore it all.

I’m currently reading The People of the Book and really liking it. The subject matter is kind of unusual and interesting. I’m not loving the main character thus far, but I feel compelled to keep reading.

What are you all reading and watching? I need suggestions! `

4 thoughts on “A couple of reviews . . .

  1. oh I forgot that I loved J and J so much.

    And if you need someone to go to Fame with I wouldn't mind seeing it again (to get a mom's night out)

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