How long is football season again?

We’re a one tv family (well one tv that gets actual channels, we have a second tv that plays dvds, unfortunately, it’s located in a spot where it competes with the channel tv for sound, so unless you’ve memorized the movie you’re watching in another life, you are kind of watching fancy mime – who doesn’t hate mime? Nothing personal if you are a mime fan, but . . .

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday are filled with “I just wanna check this game real quick.” And the picture here gives you an idea of what’s really happening. Ugh. Poor Mike. He can’t win. He is up so early and so busy and when the game he really wants to watch finally comes on, he’s too wiped out to watch. (But, God help you if you try to change the channel.)

And, if you read here regularly, can’t you almost see the zipper?

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