Tis the season . . .

Can you all believe September is gone? POOF! Just gone. And now it’s October. And if you have a 9 year-old boy (or a 17-year-old-boy or two 16-year-old-boys) the conversation turns to Halloween. I’m in a fight for my life here, folks. I don’t want bloody prop-things dropping from my roof on unsuspecting visitors, but the older boys think this is a great idea. I LOVE Andy, but I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes from rolling back in my head as he describes his Halloween costume which is something new each and every day . . . I LOVED Halloween when everyone was little and I could influence their costume choices. Now, eh, not so much.

We’re planning our little neighborhood party and the anticipation of food someone else has made always makes me happy. In the meantime, I am pulling out all of my Happy Halloween vibes and bracing for the onslaught of grossness and stoopid-ness. (I mean that in the kindest way.)

What are your Halloween plans? I think I’m going to live large this year and give out BIG candy bars. We don’t get tons of trick/treaters here and “fun-size” is just not a good thing for me. I read fun-size, I think, it’s OK. And, I think it’s OK about 50 more times. And then the bag is empty and it’s only October 3. And, even I cannot drink enough Diet Coke to soak up all of that chocolate-nish-ish. So, full-size it is. Stay-tuned. It’s easy to sneak the mini candy, a little trickier to scarf down a whole bar of candy. I wonder if I’ll just give up sleep so I can eat chocolate in the dark or if I can maintain some level of control . . . Hmmmm!

Any great costume ideas? Fun plans?

4 thoughts on “Tis the season . . .

  1. The boys and I will have a TON of Japanese trick or treaters..

    Christopher is going on an overnight spooky camping trip! Should be lots of fun.. Me I will at home sleeping in my own bed.

  2. I'm thinking of moving from the full size bars to the fun size this year. We usually hand out full size, but the kids who stop by actually prefer the fun size. Just so you know.

    Current costume plans are to be bacteria — I think the official designation is The Bacteria Bunch. They have a sort of cheer/rap that they've been practicing, planning to perform it at each house. I told them they weren't allowed to mention killing people in their performance since you just don't know what's been happening in people's lives and whether a loved one has recently dropped dead from bacterial infection.

  3. I think we're going to a Halloween party, but no costume plans made yet. Shoot! Now you've reminded me that September is gone . . . time to get to work!

  4. Alexander just mentioned that he doesn't want to be working on the costume on October 31st (like last year, MOM!!!!)….so I am going to have each boy firm up costume idea this week and get started next week.

    Candy corn…just the best crap food ever.

    Gail…love the comment “you just don't know what's been happening in people's lives and whether a loved one has recently dropped dead from bacterial infection”

    I am back on Weight Watchers again trying to lose (4 year old) baby weight plus some. I am really motivated so I might go to whole foods and purchase myself 1 really good endangered species dark chocolate bar…and just enjoy one and not gorge for two weeks.

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