PMS House – On Steroids!

Once upon a time I was a free spirit . . . now, I’m not. Pass the olives – quick!!! Sure, I have crazy curly hair, I make soap, I homeschool, I compost and I wear overalls a lot, but I kind of like things to be like they should be.

I want things to just be normal. Dan is still being weird about standing up and it freaks me the hell out. You’d have to see it to appreciate it. Tonight, while I was cooking, Tim walked in carrying Dan after his latest “meltdown.” The boys all thought it was funny. Me? Not so much. The fact that NO ONE seems to know his EEG results is freaking me out even more, though I’ve buried that deep-deep-down inside of me (I call it heartburn). We see the neurologist on Wednesday. I REALLY know in my heart that whatever is going on is not life-threatening, but I want someone who paid for a lot of school to tell me this.

In the meantime, I can’t sleep. Poor Mike. I climb into bed every night at a decent time, but I just flop there staring at him wondering HOW he can sleep. And then I start poking at him – just to see. He doesn’t think it’s as funny as I do. Eventually, I just get up. Insane, but productive. The house is super clean, we have loaves of bread, rolls (of bread), food all over the place sorted and portioned and frozen AND I’ve moved all of the furniture twice. It’s now back to where it was. And, da dum, I conquered the laundry! Until someone wakes up tomorrow morning, I’m winning! Yay me!

I don’t get like this often, but when I do, it’s easy to tell I’m over the edge. Mike and the kids are NICE to me – really nice, not just polite nice. And, them being nice sends me further over the edge. It’s a no win all around.

OK – It’s 4:22 and I’m going to try to sleep again.

Sidenotes: Kate, not ignoring you, I just haven’t had time to give you a thoughtful response to your email. Hope Riley had fun this weekend, though. Sabrina, email me your new address ( so I can send you the rest of the 24 seasons!!!! Lynne, I suck, I missed Jesse’s birthday again, didn’t I? If I send her a REAL pony can we call it good?

9 thoughts on “PMS House – On Steroids!

  1. How about this? You come here, clean my house & do my laundry, cook & bake to your neurotic heart's content, and I promise to sneak off to sleep in odd places while you do it. I'll even be slightly rude at times, just so I don't get on your nerves any further. Is it a deal? Shall I send you directions to the house?

    On the flip side, I've been where you are. I've waited for those MRI, EEG & EKG results. I've spent more sleepless nights than I want to remember. I'm up here thinking about you and Dan.

  2. I'm sorry you're having such a sucky time. I've been there. All it does is suck.

    But if you really really need to work off some nervous/anxious energy, I have a filthy house just waiting for someone like you do drop in and do us a favor.


  3. YOU? Make SOAP? Why didn't you ever say so? My favorite soap maker quit on me and life hasn't been the same.

    Please add my house to your list.

    Someone needs to get it all done, and it doesn't look like it will be me.

    I'm sending good thoughts for your boy, too.

  4. We are soooooo related! No sweat about Jesse's birthday. I was in denial that my BABY was turning 7 and completely flaked on inviting her little girl friends for the slumber party she wanted.

    Wednesday seems forever away, my door is open if you run out of laundry entirely! I have beer & wine!

    Love you loads! Also, I got your note about camping – we're game! Have your girl call my girl!

  5. Ami – what kind of soap do you like? I'll make it and send you some just for your sharing the “penis saga” on your blog

    Lynne – I love that you're using Mrs. P's name for you! I may just take you up on your offer – you know I love to rearrange your furniture.

  6. I want this disease that causes me to bake bread and clean the house.

    Oh to be ADHD instead of just ADD…”look something shiny”.

    I LOVE to sleep, I can't imagine life without it.

    Hope you get to the root of Dan's problem soon, WHICH, I think will get to the root of yours.

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