That’s right, we went shoppin’ today. We are SO not shoppers. If you saw me and the boys in a store, you’d assume we lived 150 miles from the “big city” based on our behavior. We are truly that clueless.

BUT .. Danny was approved to go to that dance with “that girl” and he needed some citified clothing. Ugh. It’s kind of a big deal when one of us puts on shoes that aren’t flip-flops, forget pants, tie, shirt, belt AND shoes. Yee-haw!

As a young person without kids, I used to dress up everyday for work. I wore beautiful, expensive suits with beautiful, expensive shoes. I LOVED it. :::sigh::: Things change. Now, it’s a big day if I’m wearing a bra. Funny how it all works out, isn’t it?

We stopped first at Plato’s Closet. If you have teens and have this chain in your town, it’s worth checking out. Not thrift store prices, but your kids can find the “names” they think are important for a fraction of the cost. I only shop for boys and I can say the prices are awesome. While the boys browse, I have checked out the girls’ side of the store. I dunno. I think you could probably do as well with department store sales, but I’m just guessing. Where moms of girls COULD save is on dresses – for dances, recitals, whatever. The store we were in today had the most beautiful dresses (and fancy shoes) for much less than retail.

Sadly, today all we found was a (hideous – but let’s keep that between just us) tie. We moved to Kohl’s. While Dan and I dragged the hideous tie around in search of a shirt that would match it (and, to be honest, it’s not hideous, just not something I would have picked) Ian and Tim roamed the store. Fortunately, Andy was home with Mike. We found a shirt and started the hunt for pants. It’s no small feat to find 30″W 32-34″L pants.

While Dan tried pants on, Ian and Tim popped up to discuss the shirts on the clearance rack. There’s a reason they’re on the clearance rack. Usually because they’re hideous. Ian and Tim started talking with two guys who appeared to be shopping for a high school dance as well. The one guy had a $10 budget for his clothing. He already had pants and shoes. Ian and Tim and his friend were dead-set on him getting a hideous lime green bowling shirt. Yay!budget-guy for sticking to your guns. I wonder what he ended up getting.

Dan found pants that fit and we moved on to shoes and belts. God help me. Immediately, Dan glommed onto a $45 belt that had a buckle that looked like a cheese grater. He was trying to sell me on its usefulness … I’ll spare you the details. Not pretty.

In the meantime, I heard Ian and Tim shriek. I spun around in time to hear Ian announce he was trapped in the walls of shame. That would be the underpants aisle for normal people. Though, they showed me a wall of guy panties that seemed to be pre-formed. It really was kind of disturbing. Of course we were all quiet and respectful as we wandered through the mens’ undergarment section and onto shoes.

Shoes! Dan found a pair he loved. Just loved. Only $95. This is a child that wears sneakers MAYBE five times a year. Mostly, it’s flip flops or bare feet. I’m so sure I’m going to shell out $95 on a pair of shoes he’ll most likely wear once.

We moved on . . . Payless had some decent dress shoes (for a one time wearing) and a belt. Danny is all set for his dance. Even still, taking my cheap route, this is a pricey dance, imo. $30 per ticket. $125 for clothes (his). There’ll be a dinner involved. Another $25-30? It’s crazy. Especially for my son who doesn’t have a job right now! He’s paying PART of his way with odd jobs he picks up, but gah!

Nevertheless, we’re all a little wiser about options available in men’s underwear – and I think we’re all in agreement that this is important. So I guess that’s a good thing. Right?

Best part, I remembered to grab MY I-pod before we got in the car. The boys were subjected to The Wicked and FAME as we drove. Nothing like a little negative reinforcement, huh?

4 thoughts on “Shoppin’

  1. ROFL! Pre-formed! Ha! It's too early in the morning to be crying,(well, except for the reason of having to actually get out of bed) but I am anyway! I thought we were on to something when one of my boys told me, around age 9 or so, that he needed new underwear, “And not CHARACTER underwear, either, Mom!”

  2. My son goes commando, so I'm spared the underwear wall. Steve's come from

    Okay, is it just me or does “Plato's Closet” sound like it ought to sell BDSM gear? I”m picturing a lot of latex and leather.

  3. Sounds like you're skipping that all-important foundation garment.

    I don't know whether to cheer or roll my eyes.


  4. Well, I hope he has fun at the dance. Especially at that investment.

    Wow. I didn't know there were pre-formed mens' underpants. Talk about pressure. I'm glad I'm a girl.

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