We’re finally back from the neurologist. Danny in the clear! Good EEG. Good MRI. Good Brain X-ray. I cannot for my life remember what the doctor called it, but basically Danny’s nervous sytem and the part of the brain that controls it are out of sync because he’s still growing. Hmmm…luckily (not really, but I’m trying to put a positive spin on it) we had to wait nearly 2 1/2 hours before we saw the doctor. Yes, you read that right 150 minutes. I finished the last 270 pages of my book! But, by the time the doctor came into the room, Dan had been sitting so long that the doctor was able to witness an episode.

I really liked the doctor, despite the delay in seeing him. He suggested really upping Danny’s salt intake. He felt certain this was something he’ll simply grow out of but told us to call if things get much worse or there’s no huge improvement in 6-8 months. Danny asked about driving. The doctor said he was clear to drive but for him to be very careful getting OUT of the car. LOL

I feel like I just lost 20 pounds! I’m sure I’ll crash soon – i have really missed sleeping these past few weeks – but for now, I’m just so thankful and relieved to put this behind us.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support!!!! ((((Group Hug))))

13 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. w00t!!! been thinking of you all (and the damage to your poor floor-wink, wink). Upping his salt, huh. Does this mean you have to share your olives?

    Here's to “growing out of it” soon and lots of relaxed sleep for you all!!!

  2. That is wonderful news! My oldest was doing some funky things when she was little and so her ped. sent us to a neurologist. They did a bunch of blood work and an EEG. We had to wait what seemed like forever to finally get in to see the doc. Then sfter he watched her for a bit, and she did the thing she was doing, he told she had GOK. God only knows. He went to school for over a decade to tell us that sometimes when kids are growing and their brains are wiring it takes awhile for everything to work itself out and that consequently sometimes really weird stuff happens. He was right, it all worked itself out. I hope you have a good case of GOK going on there and it will all work itself out!

  3. I must have screwed up when I posted this morning….too early. I checked email and Facebook last night before I went to bed and missed your Facebook post somehow. I got up early (for me anyhow, 5:45) and read the good news here and returned to my comfortable bed. I am so relieved and I hope you will find yourself back to “normal” quickly.

    Off to order the corsage for Homecoming. Is Dan's dance this weekend too?

    My verification word was speau, as in Homecoming makes me want to speau!

  4. Sorry, the hat was made by my imaginary friend Bonnie. Funny story, though. I made that my first Facebook profile pic and I got a message from a girl I went to high school with (as you do) who pointed out that the original FSM hat pic I'd seen was of a hat SHE made. Crazy.

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