Are we over-automated? My vote is yes.

Today, I had to call our insurance company to verify that, yes, we do not have additional insurance coverage for Danny or anyone in the house. I did this online last week, but this was a new billing . . . so I called to find out if I had to keep updating or would their system eventually catch on. Well, when I called, their systems were down and NO ONE could answer my question. OK, fine, 1 hour of messing with the automated voice mail later, I gave up. I am not full of confidence here. I updated online again and we’ll see if it sticks.

The mind boggles at the endless amount of paperwork and postage and time spent mailing these requests to me. We’re a pretty low-maintenance family (discounting the past few months – and even then, it’s one kid with clear-cut issues, not terribly difficult to follow) … I cannot imagine what folks with ongoing issues face and for what? It’s clearly all automatically generated. No one is watching to say “Hmmm …. kind of dumb to send this family five separate notices when we could stuff them all into one envelope for the same amount of postage. . .” Just me thinking out loud.

This weekend, we received the strangest thing. See the picture above. Yes, we received a check for THREE CENTS. THREE PENNIES. This is from a 401(K) that we closed 2 years ago. THREE CENTS???? How much did it cost this company to generate, authorize and mail this check? Again, I think it was automatically generated and no one even knows it was sent out. GAHAHAHAHAH

And, we wonder why things cost as much as they do? It makes no sense . . . are we alone or do the rest of you deal with this kind of inefficiency and craziness too? Someone, anyone! Send me a check for $1.00. I’m too mortified to show up at my bank with a check for THREE CENTS as a deposit. It would cost our bank far more than that to just get those THREE PENNIES into our account.

3 thoughts on “Are we over-automated? My vote is yes.

  1. Bwahahahahaha! Sorry…

    My mother had an equally frustrating experience with the gas company where she was getting billed a quarter. She'd pay a quarter extra and they'd send her a bill for another quarter. When she finally spoke to a non-automated person, she found out that when the computer sees a zero balance, it will still produce a bill for the 25 cents. She was told to ignore it but the idea that everyone with a zero balance gets billed a quarter is insane!

  2. Once I received a check for 75 cents from an old employer where I hadn't worked in about 2 years. It was ridiculous. I shredded it.

    About two months later, I received another check for 75 cents. I shredded it too.

    Do you know that someone actually called my house and gave me grief that I needed to cash that check to clear their books and that I was inconveniencing them by not cashing the check. It was ludicrous. I told her that I didn't feel it was worth it to endorse the check, fill out a deposit slip, drive to my bank and deposit 75 cents.

    I told her to mail me a dollar bill and I'd write her a check for the 25 cents in change. Silly girl.

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