Ahhhh the beach . . .

My nerves have been seriously rattled over the past few weeks. I know all of us were experiencing Danny’s weird symptoms in one way or another. Getting the “all clear” has been beyond liberating. So, in celebration, I declared today a beach day. Ironic that Dan had to stay home and catch up on all the work he’s missed with so many doctor appointments. But, I can honestly say that he was glad to be away from me and I was glad to be away from him. I love him, but there is such a thing as overexposure.

Tim, Ian, Andy, Bing and I set out for the beach late this morning. Absolutely perfect. We’re in the middle of some kind of weird heat wave here, but the water was cool and the breeze was great. BEST part? No pollen at the beach … the whole breathing thing is really underrated. Ahhhh . . .

I love this picture that Tim took of Andy and Bing at the end of today. (I didn’t clear it with Bing first, but I think she’ll be ok with it – if not, Mom, you can ground me and I’ll take the picture down. I LOVE it! Please note, if you ground me, I will take up residence in your house for the specified period of time.)

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