So you think YOU are a bad mom?

Gah! I want the best for my kids, I’m sure most, if not all, of you do. So, if you read the post below (with the great pic of Andy and Bing) you’ll know I declared today a beach holiday. Ahhhh … I love the beach and I love the freedom of homeschooling that gives us the freedom to hit the beach on a random Friday.

On the way to the beach, we stopped at Wal-Mart. Not only is Wal-Mart fun and educational, it’s the only place you can pick up random weird stuff in one stop. I was picking up ice, soda, water, pink thread, a light bulb for my exhaust fan and some hair conditioner. At the last minute, I added beer to our cart. It’s bad enough I drive a world-sucking SUV, the least I can do is condense errands, right?

We went to the beach. On the home-front, Danny covered a LOT of economics, some math stuff, and even a couple loads of laundry. Strange how the desire for transportation will motivate a teenager. Even if it means he has to drive a tank.

We beached and had fun and returned home at around 5 pm. Dan was itching to leave for the high school football game (aka meet his girlfriend) but, there was unloading to do and the sorting of stuff and laundry to get going. And, to top it off, I made the poor boy eat dinner before he left. (I know, I’m waiting for the attorneys to show up at any minute.)

FINALLY, Danny was ready to leave the house. I was working on some sewing projects when he left and Mike was outside taming weeds. About 40 minutes after Dan left, Mike went in search of a cold beer. Hmmmm…..

Yep, my oldest son was driving around with an 18-pack of cheap beer. And he was headed for the high school that demands transcripts for non-students just to attend the dance. Poof!, there goes my son, loaded with beer into their homecoming football game. Yes, it was a PROUD mommy-moment.

I know, like you, I wondered whether to be proud he didn’t crack open the 18 pack or to just cringe at my own stupidity. For now, I’m choosing to laugh and cringe.

I marveled when they let me just walk out of the hospital right after Dan was born. I knew NOTHING. 17 years later, I STILL know nothing. I’m sitting up tonight, sure they’re going to come and repossess my giant, hairy baby.

5 thoughts on “So you think YOU are a bad mom?

  1. Oh, Amy! LOLOL — “giant hairy baby” Oh geez — I got one of those right here and it's been a week of super great and seriously odd things, all together. I'm totally feeling the angst/relief thing. “Giant hairy baby.” Reposessed. Yup. Wheeze.

  2. Was the beer chilled? That would matter, you know.>>

    LOL…I have to laugh knowing that it sat in the car when the temp on Friday was at least 99 degrees. Cheap, HOT beer.

    Amy…I left my salad dressing there…enjoy it.

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