Quick catch up . . .

Danny had a great time at Homecoming. See the picture of him and the friend-that-is-a-girl. Aren’t they cute? Bonus for me? He spent most of Saturday cleaning the Suburban (no small feat). In return, I have a mostly clean car filled with glitter from the dance’s decorations.

Spent most of the weekend weeding the garden – pictures tomorrow. For the most part, things are growing and I’m encouraged. We waited until early October to plant most stuff because things usually start cooling off a bit here by then. NOT this year. We’ve had record temps all month. It’s supposed to cool down a bit over the weekend (into the bitter 70-80 range) and I hope that will help. Send sweaters!!!!

Not much else here that is blog-worthy. We all just seem to be stuck in a boring rut right now. That and I’m still catching up on sleep and just getting back to normal. Boring, but kind of nice for now. I’m sure it will all change quickly, though. Bear with me.

5 thoughts on “Quick catch up . . .

  1. Glad Danny had a good time and you survived his dance with the “not-a-girlfriend” (you deluded woman πŸ˜‰

    As you weed, think of us up here where the frosty nights have withered the flowers and veggies. 😦

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