Why I kind of hate October . . .

Once upon a time, I made costumes for three dinosaurs. I made a ringleader, strongman, clown costumes … You know, cute costumes.

Now, Halloween is out of my control. :::sniff::: Tim is WAY into Halloween – he makes movies, you know? He started a project tonight. It is currently flopped on the love seat and it’s creeping me out. Worse? It’s going to get creepier. Wah . . .

Anyone need help with a baby or toddler costume?

4 thoughts on “Why I kind of hate October . . .

  1. Oooohhh I hate Halloween movies (I'm afraid of EVERYTHING) . . . but I'm so curious. You'll have to post a link to it when it's all done.

  2. I'm making a mummy for the 9yo, a gumball machine for the 7yo (a clear-ish trash bag filled with balloons) and a bunch of grapes for the 5yo (purple balloons on a shirt with some felt leaves around the neck). I have no idea what to do for the baby (17 months). ugh.

  3. Alexander is going to be Percy Jackson…so we are going to make his blond hair black and making him an orange camp half blood t shirt.

    Do you remember making him the yellow peanut m&m costume??

    You could help if you could pin Sean down to a costume. I can't get firm commitment from him and it is maddening.

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